Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok caused a stir online and divided fans after sharing a cheeky photo on Instagram, posing nude with her two children.

 The Australian actress, 36, posted the picture when she was on a family vacation in Montana with her husband, Sean McEwen, and their two beloved daughters, six-year-old Phoenix and one-year-old Lennon on 07 July.

The image shows the Pretty Little Liars actress with her back to the camera, holding her youngest daughter Lennon, while Phoenix stands by their side as they enjoyed their natural surrounds. The trio is naked in the photo, with star emojis edited on to the image.

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Thank you Montana and @yourmontanagetaway for the MOST incredible stay! You stole our hearts and by the looks of it, our clothes 😂🙌🏻🇺🇸 #youngwildandfree

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The mother-of-two, who relocated from Australia to Los Angeles in 2006, captioned the post:

“Thank you Montana and @yourmontanagetaway for the MOST incredible stay! You stole our hearts and by the looks of it, our clothes.”

The rather X-rated post garnered mixed responses from some of her 1.3 million followers. Several fans complimented the parent for her confidence and said the picture was “beautiful” and “sweet,” while others described it as too “personal” and “strange.”

One person commented:

“You shouldn’t share these pics … Your little girls without clothes. Internet is full of bad people.”

Another added:

“Some pictures should just be personal. Love for your family but not out in the world.”

However, most of the fans defended the actress, saying that Tammin should posts whatever she likes and feels secure.

One follower praised the actress, saying:

“Hell yeah for teaching your children to be body positive not body conscious!!”

Fans praised actress Tammin for sharing nude pictures, which teaches body positivity. Source: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

Another wrote:

“Love this! Both the photo and your courage of posting it online!”

Similar comments included:

‘I love this! Who cares what people say? It’s your life and your body!’ and ‘Gorgeous, Tammin! 

Moreover, the actress herself hit back at the critics, sharing a lengthy follow-up post. She explained that she spent almost 30 years hating her body and now wants her daughters to feel ‘empowered’ about their bodies, not ashamed. She said:

“I had spent the last 30 years being told that the only way to happiness, worth and love was for other people to view my body as good enough. As I sit here and lament over the last two days I have come to the realisation that we as a society have made the objectification of the female form something we have become accustomed to.”

Pretty Little Liars star Tammin spent almost 30 years hating her body. Source: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

The actress added:

‘We do not celebrate the real value of a woman. Her body that feeds and houses her child and ultimately births them. The parts of her body that are used for creation we hide and censor, for it creates fear in our mind of what we have been taught is bad or sexual or wrong. We can do better. We must do better.’ 

She concluded by saying:

‘I have spent the good part of 30 years hating my body. I can’t get that time back. But my children can. I will not let opinions that are coated in other people’s insecurities dis-empower who my daughters are and will be. It starts with me.’ 

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MY RESPONSE to the picture I posted 2 days ago with my daughters…. I was 15 years old. The pulse of music reverberated against the cold cement in which I sat. Swarms of newly pubescent boys, clumsily and madly kissed their new finds from an hour prior. The air smelled like hotdogs and beer. My insides burned. I desired to be wanted, to be lusted over. My head began to feverishly bob back and forth. My peppermint breath labored and my skin began to prickle like burnt grass. I waited. I waited. I waited. The clock mocked me as hours passed. And then it happened. I saw him. He had jet black hair that matched his eyes. His fingers were pencil thin. He walked within a cloud of cheap musk cologne towards me. My world began to decolor. I could feel my heatbeat within my groin. This was it. “Hey” he moaned. I stared blankly paralyzed in fear and lust. “Hey”. He repeated with more gusto. “Breathe” I mumbled to myself. I lifted my innocent grey eyes to meet his. “Hi” I said, “my name is Tammin” “ Hey Tammin, I’m Steve. And I want to tell you something” My heart stopped. I had daydreamed for years that this moment would come. “ Yes?” I fumbled to say “You need to go to Jenny Craig” I was 17 years old and I sat on the floor of a antique bathroom in Italy. I had spent the last 40 minutes ramming my chapped and raw knuckles down my throat. I knew this routine well. I had become an expert at lying. Swirling within the bowl were six fluorescent braces bands dancing like tropical fish. My fingers stung as they dove in to the oily water. It didn’t matter though, for secrets kept me warm at night. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw my eyes, they looked like they were bleeding. I weakly smiled at my reflection. I was 100 pounds, I thought, now people would love me. I was 21 years old and he was 30. He smelt like sweat and promise and kissed me deep and long. He had movie star hair and bleached teeth and always called me babe. He would take me back to his house, that was bought with his parent’s money, and let me share a place for my toothbrush. I overlooked the fact that he chose to talk about the me looking like an (continued in comments)

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The actress accompanied the posts with a bundle of pictures, including breastfeeding one of her daughters and posing on camera as an insecure teen.

Tammin shares her two adorable daughters with actor/director husband, Sean McEwan. The pair wed in 2011.

Actress Tammin wed her husband Sean McEwan in 2011. Source: Instagram/Tammin Sursok

Tammin and her now-husband celebrated their nuptials in Florence, Italy, on 24 August 2011. The Australian magazine Woman’s Day had published their wedding pictures.

Before giving birth to her youngest daughter, Tammin suffered two back-to-back miscarriages, which made the journey to her motherhood even more magical.