What happened to Kevin Steincross? What’s His New Job, After Parting From KTVI?

The newscaster is often wary of chances of errors. Anything could go wrong unintentionally. Last time, Kevin Steincross, officially parted ways with KTVI station, after pronouncing the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with the libellous statement. On the morning news of KTVI, Steincross mispronounced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with a racial slur unintentionally. Three hours later, he even apologized for his verbal slip that prevailed on the morning show in January 2019.

What happened to Kevin Steincross, whom the station management section confirmed that there would be no disciplinary action against him? Is he still on the station? Let’s get connected to Kevin Steincross’s new job, income, relationship, and personal info too.

What happened to Kevin Steincross?

He loved everything about the morning show on KTVI station. Steincross woke up early at 3 AM and have fish or pasta by 9 AM. In January 2019, when he spoke of the civil rights icon as “Martin Luther coon Jr”, he knew he screwed up right at the moment. Next, he apologized on-air, and the station manager assured him that he wouldn’t undergo any disciplinary action.

Kevin Steincross New Job, 2020, Now, Racial Slur
In January 2019, when Kevin Steincross spoke of the civil rights icon as “Martin Luther coon Jr”, he knew he screwed up right at the moment| Source: The New York Times

But it didn’t go well with the St. Louis County NAACP; they demanded to fire Steincross right away. Also, they forwarded the complaint to KTVI station’s parent company, Tribune Media. A few weeks later, Steincross announced that he would be stepping away from the ‘anchor desk’. At the same time, he assured he would continue to construct credence with the citizens again. A long time ago, in 1996, he joined KTVI station as morning newscaster, co-anchor, and a general reporter.

2020: Is he assigned to the new job?

Before twenty-four years of commitment in KTVI-TV station in St Loius, he served in Columbia, Missouri, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is no longer co-anchoring in KTVI since he pronounced the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with racial derogatory terms. It sparked debate if the TV segment unveiled racism unintentionally or it was only a verbal slip. On January 26, 2019, he cited he would:

“Step away from the anchor desk for now. I will begin working to regain your trust.”

Similarly, the General manager Kurt Krueger verified that Steincross had been dismissed from the station. Krueger didn’t provide further information stating that it was a ‘personal matter’.

Marital status: Married or Dating?

Besides newscaster, he is a fun guy taking sports, live concerts, and theatre to the core. When he isn’t too occupied, he might have had a livelier time with his partner or wife, during live music, snow skiing, and travelling. Who would miss their chance to get along with an adventurous guy?

What has happened to Kevin Steincross
St. Louis County NAACP demanded to fire Kevin Steincross right away| Source: KDNL

On the other hand, he is exceptionally a personal guy. Yes! He doesn’t share much of his personal space like marital status and family details on the media. It’s still unknown whether he has tied the knot or still in search of his right kind of girl.

Where did he study?

Additionally, he hasn’t shared how old he is, though the media has bits of info on his job whereabouts and academic qualification. He studied Bachelor of science-BS, Journalism, and History from 1983 to 1987 at Baylor University. Then, he held a master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University in 1988.

Initially, he was a newscaster for KMIZ Television in Columbia, Missouri in 1988. After a year, he moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and served in KSFY-TV for nearly three years. In 1992, he commuted to Tulsa, Oklahoma to serve KTUL station till 1996.