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We take customer satisfaction very seriously. If You have a complaint in relation to our handling of Your Personal Information or any other service, We will endeavor to handle it promptly and fairly. For Your information, an overview of Our complaints handling procedure is as follows:

  • Complainants are reviewed within 7-14 days. After that period, we may contact you to request further information. If we accept fault then we will propose a resolution. In any case, we aim to provide a response within 21 days.
  • If You have a complaint in relation to Our handling of Your Personal Information, You should use the following procedure to
  • If You are not satisfied with Our response to Your complaint, You may refer your complaint to the relevant external dispute resolution organization in Your area.

Please email us at by also describing the nature of your complaint or questions including any relevant dates, people-issue involved, any consequences that have occurred, and what you believe should be done to rectify the issue.