The Telegram Terms Of Use

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The Telegram Terms and Conditions

Welcome to’s terms and conditions designed to provide proper guidance on how the website’s services are accessed and how the readers can and should interact and enjoy our services.

All the conditions mentioned below will be applied fully and may also affect how to use this website. Using the website automatically means accepting all the terms and conditions listed below.

Browsing our website will be considered as that you have accepted to comply with the terms of service and privacy policy we have crafted. If you have any objection or issue on any of the terms and conditions, you may not use and leave our website at any time and do not use our website any further.

Intellectual Property Rights has all the intellectual property rights and the contents of the website. The readers and views are granted a limited license only for reading and viewing the material of the website.


Everyone is free to view and gain knowledge, but you are forbidden to copy any content of our website. Here is the list of rules and regulations and restrictions.

  • You are not permitted to copy any website material to any other media.
  • You are not allowed to sell, sublicense, and commercialize the content of our website.
  • Your actions and activities should not affect the access of users on the website.
  • You have no right to use our website that brings adverse effects on individuals or organizations.
  • You are restricted from data mining, data harvesting, and data extracting.
  • You should not conduct any actions that would damage the reputation of our website.
  • Please, you are not allowed to engage yourself on our website for marketing and advertising.

Reminder: Please, do not share your user name and password with anyone in order to maintain confidentiality.

No Warranties

The website is provided “as if” with all faults, and expresses no representations or warranties of any type related to our website or materials listed on it. Moreover, our website’s article never advises you on anything.


You hereby compensate the full extent The Telegram from and against any liabilities, costs, demands, expenses, and causes of action arising related to your breach of the provisions of these terms.


To explore or learn more about The Telegram’s disclaimer, please the link given below:-
The Telegram disclaimer

If you have any questions regarding any of our terms and conditions, please go through our privacy policy page or contact us by email at: