Seddy Hendrix is young at heart, while his songs have fully-fledged soul street vibes. A Florida-based rapper, singer, and songwriter, Hendrix is known for delivering darker emotions in trap-styled rapping and melodious auto-tune low but soft voice. 

Seddy Hendrix dropped his catchy beat in 2017, but his popularity rose a year later. In 2018, he released his mixtape “Death B4 Dishonor: Loyalty Over Everything”, which became a massive hit and got him a contract with Atlantic Records simultaneously. 

Early Life of Seddy Hendrix; Born to a Single Mother

The rapper, Hendrix was raised by a single mother in West Palm Beach, Florida. Born on January 20, 1996, he has struggled with homelessness and become a victim of bullying and racism. During the freshman year of his high school days, he dwelt in a homeless shelter. Eventually, he was arrested at 15 and had a fair share of “a full-blown juvenile delinquent” journey.

Though he loved his hip-hop blues and had many aspirations like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, André 3000, DMX, Future, and Erykah Badu, he never considered joining the rap industry. The turbulent childhood days didn’t push him far until he witnessed his best friend, Johnell, gunshot at a party. His last words, “Ball out for me,” struck Hendrix’s mind and woke him up to the music industry. The rapper felt he had to stand up for his best mate and not let anyone contempt him.

Popular songs of Seddy Hendrix

 He is in a series of triumphs, signing to well-favored music industry labels, such as Florida Boy Entertainment/Generation Now/Atlantic Records. It started in 2017, when he released his first ever “Roots” mixtape and “Just Cause” EP. 

Then, he dropped his real hard-hitting street stories in his mixtape “Death B4 Dishonor: Loyalty Over Everything”. The mixtape led him to a contract with DJ Drama’s Generation Now imprint a year later, in 2019. And the same year, he released a confessional beat, “lowkey,” inkling his relationship status. The single “lowkey” also got him a chance of his life with his favorite, Future, a rapper on a release of 1800 seconds 2 sponsored by 1800 tequila.

How Much Is Seddy Hendrix Net worth?

Signing a big-name contract had the rappers count on a whopping net worth. He shows off heaps of cash on social media too. A record label ploughs money in between 250K to 50K in newbie artists. 

It’s a hassle for newcomers to start their careers and make money on their own. So, they look out for record labels and relieve the financial pressure on music/video production. Luckily, one of Hendrix’s singles, ‘lowkey,’ caught the eye of Florida Boy Entertainment, Generation Now, and Atlantic Records, working on his upcoming releases, events, and tours. To sum up, he must have a net worth of $200K as of 2022. However, the estimation might change if his songs would resonate for a long time. 

Is Seddy Hendrix Dating? Has Secret Girlfriend?

At his age, it’s common for a guy to go on a date with his girlfriend. Once, he revealed his secretive relationship status when asked about his hit R&B song, ‘Lowkey” 2019. 

“I was hooking up with a girl, but we kept it low key because she had a boyfriend. She would be posting pictures with her man every day though. The song is about having a secret affair and keeping it on the low.”

He enjoys visiting amusement parks and tattooing with musical artist Kaash Paige along with his singing career. Nonetheless, it isn’t clear if he is having an affair with the “Love Songs” singer.