Andrew Symonds may be best known as a legend of Australian cricket, but his life with his wife and their kids was “his paradise.” Family meant everything to him, all he cared about was them. Sadly, he left them alone untimely as he died in a car crash on May 14, 2022.

Our prayers 🙏🙏 are with the Symonds’ family in their recent time of grief.

What Did Andrew Symonds’ Wife Say After Her Husband’s Death?

Andrew Symonds’ wife Laura spoke of the family’s heartache following her husband’s sudden death in a car accident.

Symond’s wife and kids rushed to fly from Sydney to Townsville on Sunday morning, with Laura paying tribute to her husband in an interview with News Corp

She said:

“We are still in shock. I’m just thinking of the two kids. He was such a big person and there is just so much of him in his kids.”

Symonds’ wife also described her late husband as “the most laid-back person”. She said:

“Nothing stressed him out. He was an extremely chilled operator. So practical. He was never good with his phone but he always had time for everyone.”

How Did Andrew Symonds Meet His Wife?

Andrew Symonds had been married to his longtime wife, Laura, since 2014 until he died in a car crash on May 14, 2022.

The couple met when Laura was studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Movement Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and was assigned work experience with the Queensland Bulls’ strength and conditioning department in 2004.

Andrew Symonds wife Laura
Andrew Symonds and his wife Laura at the NQ Jelly Baby Gala Ball. Photo credit: Getty Images

Initially, the two struck up a friendship as they were both in relationships at the time.

In 2009 on Melbourne Cup Day, Symonds asked Laura if she had a tip. When the horse won and Symonds cleaned up as a result, he asked her to his Brisbane home for dinner to celebrate.

In a 2016 interview with The Courier-MailLaura recalled:

“He’d caught these crabs and fish and laid the table with all this beautiful seafood, and I didn’t eat seafood at the time. I thought, oh no, how am I going to get through this?”

Symonds won Laura over and the pair were together ever since.

How Many Children Did Andrew Symonds Have?

Andrew Symonds was a doting and caring father to two children. He had a son, Billy, and a daughter, Chloe, with his wife Laura.

Well, Symonds and his wife had their kids before they got married. The pair welcomed Billy in May 2012.

Andrew Symonds kids, wife
Andrew Symonds shared two children with his wife Laura. Photo credit: Mark Cranitch

Laura then gave birth to their second child, daughter Chloe, in 2013, a year before they said: “I Do.”

When Laura was pregnant with their daughter – and was set to give birth during the sixth IPL season – Symonds chose to retire.

In the same interview with The Courier-MailSymonds said the couple had moved to the next stage in their lives. He told:

“We’ve got a good set-up here, two ripper kids.”

Who Was Andrew Symonds’ First Wife?

Andrew Symonds’ marriage with Laura was his second one. He was first married to Brooke Marshall.

The two met while attending the Anglican School and were college sweethearts. They married 11 years later on April 24, 2004, at St John’s Anglican cathedral in Brisbane.

Andrew Symonds and Brooke Marshall
Andrew Symonds was first married to Brooke Marshall. Photo credit: Jamie Hanson

At the time of the nuptials, Marshall said:

“He’s N.o 1 and he makes me feel that way too. He might have a rough exterior but he’s a softie inside and knows how to look after his girl.”

However, the two weren’t meant to be together – the couple went their separate ways just over a year later, in September 2005.

In a bid to save his marriage with Brooke Marshall, Andrew Symonds was about to quit cricket. He wrote in his 2006 book, Roy: Going for Broke:

“I seriously thought about stepping down from it and cricket altogether. My reasoning was that if there was any chance of rebuilding my marriage then perhaps I was better off without cricket.”

Symonds concluded in his book that he was sorry Marshall had to deal with what she did and if he had his time again, he would do things differently.


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