Choosing a career path can be quite tricky. One of the significant factors that affect the career path we choose is the pay scale. However, you might also be wondering about your option without a bachelor’s degree.

Regardless, you have come to the right place as we talk about jobs for both college graduates and non-graduates. These are the best career options for people looking for a career after graduating from college and those without a university education.

Top 5 High Paying Jobs for Graduates

1. Medical Professionals

One of the highest paying jobs for a graduate in Australia is Medical Professionals. The Australian Taxation Office has mentioned that Australia’s three highest paying jobs are all in the medical fields.

Surgeons earn the highest salary, earning up to $394,866. Whereas Anesthetists are second with a salary up to $367,343 and Internal Medicine at third with earnings up to $299,378.

2. Legal Professionals and Magistrates

The other profession on our list that has one of the highest salaries is legal professions. Legal Professionals in Australia has an average salary of $195,703. Judges are the highest-paid legal professionals.

Likewise, the legal counsellor for corporate can expect to earn around $205,000 to $283,999.

3. Finance and Business

We all have heard about wealthy CEO’s who racks up seven digits figure yearly. However, we might not be the CEO, but we can definitely see ourselves becoming Chief Executives and Managing Directors.

A Financial Manager can expect to earn around $131,993 yearly, while the Financial strategy and planner can make over $129,238. Moreover, the people from Account and Construction management can also expect to earn around $129,000.

4. Information and Communication Technology

As the data and technology industry is evolving every day, specialists in Information and technology are needed more, and the wage for such specialists are also increasing day by day.

IT professionals have a hefty salary, and an ICT systems architecture can earn up to $139,883, while the ICT management team can earn $134,639. Moreover, the Data Scientist can expect to earn around $100,000.

5. Engineering

Engineers are also one of the highest-paid professionals in Australia. As Mining is one of the biggest industry in Australia, engineers working in Mining has higher chances of earning a high salary. Nonetheless, an average engineer can expect to earn around $134, 479.

Top Paying Jobs for Non-Graduates

A degree is not everything, and there are many skills that one can learn without graduating from a reputed university. Here are some lists of jobs that you can think of joining without worrying about the degree.

1. Construction Manager

Construction Manager does not always require a bachelor’s degree. You can take part in is some flexible online courses and learn to plan and build projects. It would be best if you prepared yourself to draw building sketches and calculate costs.

It is one of the highest paying jobs in Australia, with an average salary of $155,463.

2. Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is one of the highest-paid jobs for a non-degree holder. As the importance of cybersecurity increases every day, the job involves hacking software developed by a company to ensure the absence of security flaws.

To make it an Ethical Hacker, you must pass the Certified Ethical Hacker exam and have two years experience of information security-related work experience. However, one can expect a salary near $132,456.

3. HR Manager

The demand for HR managers has been growing in Australia. As an HR manager, your responsibility is to create and coordinate strategies that ensure the stability of the organization’s staff.

To become an HR manager, you don’t need a degree but can gain experience on the go. An HR manager has an average salary of $90,902.

4. Fitness Manager

A Fitness Manager is responsible for coordinating operations of the health club and ensuring that everything operates smoothly. It also includes hiring trainers and ensuring the safety of the club.

A Fitness Manager can earn around $86,372 annually. If you want to become a Fitness Manager, you can start as a fitness instructor or personal trainer and slowly climb the ladder.

5. Real Estate Agent

Many People have worked late in the Real Estate Market without holding any university degree. Although selling and renting property can be pretty tricky, it is sure rewarding if done right.

To become a successful Real Estate agent, you must have webs of network connections. Regardless, you can earn up to a salary of $97,862.


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