Genevieve Beacom is the first woman to play for one of Australia’s top professional baseball clubs at the age of 17. She has played baseball alongside boys her whole life. She is essentially a typical left-handed prospect who happens to be a woman.

Australian pitcher Genevieve Beacom made her Australian Baseball League debut with the Melbourne Aces against the Adelaide Giants on January 8. Her first time on the mound for the ALB is barely a small peak at the beginning of a historic career, which she built over seventeen years.

Here is everything you need to know about Genevieve Beacom.

When was Genevieve Beacom Born? Her Age, Birthday & Family

Left-hander pitcher Genevieve Beacom was born in the year 2004. The 17-year-old baseball pitcher, whose birthday is not known, is one of two children born to her parents. Very less is known about Beacom’s parents except for the fact that her father’s name is Brandan.

Genevieve Beacom's brother
Genevieve Beacom’s brother, Sam Trend-Beacom played college baseball for Lower Columbia College. Photo credit:

Beacom has an older brother named Sam Trend-Beacom. Growing up, she watched her brother play baseball and started playing Tee-ball at a young age. Her brother played college baseball for Lower Columbia College in Longview, Washington.

Genevieve Beacom Biography – Her Rise To Stardom

Beacom started playing baseball from an early age. She also played softball for a year though she hated the sport.

Genevieve Beacom early career
Genevieve Beacom played at the 2019 Australian youth Championships. Photo credit:

As part of the youth’s baseball team, Beacom struck out seventeen batters in a youth women’s competition in 2018. She was the first woman chosen for Baseball Victoria’s under-16 squad, as well as the first woman pitcher for the Victorian Summer Baseball League.

Beacom pitched to a 0.00 earned run average in the under-16 tournament, which had the best 200 players in Australia. She also played at the Australian Youth Championships in 2019.

Genevieve Beacom Created History in 2022

Around January 1, 2022, the 17-year-old pitcher signed as a development player with the Melbourne Aces of the Australian Baseball League. She agreed to play without pay so that she could play college baseball in the United States.

Genevieve Beacom - the female pitcher
Genevieve Beacom made her ABL debut on January 8. Photo credit: The New York Times

On January 8, Beacom made her ABL debut against the Adelaide Giants for the Aces. She allowed one walk and no hits in her one-inning pitching as the Aces lost 7-1.

After her debut match, Beacom made history as the first woman to pitch in the ABL.


What’s Genevieve Beacom’s Pitching Style?

Beacom is a left-hander, and she has three different pitching styles. She throws a curveball, an 84 mile-per-hour fastball, and a changeup.

Where Does Genevieve Beacom Go to College?

Beacom is still in high school. She intends to move to the United States to play college baseball for 2023.

How Tall is Genevieve Beacom?

Beacom stands tall at the height of 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 m.


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