JayR Tinaco is a Filipino-born Australian actor, perhaps best known for starring as Zayn Petrossian in the Netflix series Another Life. Although members of the LGBTQ+ community face several challenges in the entertainment industry, Tinaco has managed to build a strong foundation and has received a lot of recognition for his impressive work.

Here is everything you need to know about JayR Tinaco’s biography, including his ethnicity, family, gender, partner, and net worth.

1. JayR Tinaco was born to Filipino parents

JayR Tinaco was born in 1989 in Angeles City, Philippines. His birthday falls on January 4, making him a Capricorn. The 33-year-old actor is Filipino by ethnicity, but his nationality is Australian.

JayR Tinaco Bio, Wiki, Gender, Partner
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The Another Life actor hasn’t shared much about his family members and parents. His parents moved to Queensland, Australia, after his birth and raised him there. Both his parents are reportedly from Manila, Philippines.

2. JayR Tinaco started acting at an early age

Those who have known Tinaco for most of his life would agree that he was born to entertain. At a young age, his mother enrolled him in acting classes in the hopes that it would provide an outlet for his energy. He soon fell in love with acting and hasn’t looked back since.

3. Jay R Tinaco has built an impressive acting resume

The road to stardom is not for everyone, but only for those who are prepared to put in the effort. Similarly, JayR Tinaco did not get acting roles on the spur of the moment, he worked extremely hard for it.

Tinaco initially worked in the hospitality sector in Sydney before entering the industry. He relocated to Canada in early 2017 to pursue his dream of making it big in the entertainment industry. He had initially landed a few minor roles while residing in Australia.

JayR Tinaco Gender, Partner, Wiki
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Over the past few years, Tinaco has built an impressive acting resume, including roles in Another Life, Always Be My Maybe, Swan Song, and Space Force. Previously, he had starred in a number of short films such as The Life Again, Showboy, and The Wake. He made his TV debut in 2009, performing the role of a trapped student in two episodes of the Australian series Home and Away.

4. JayR Tinaco identifies himself as ‘non-binary’

Since JayR Tinaco’s debut in the entertainment industry, there has been widespread speculation about his gender. The fact is Tinaco calls himself non-binary and uses he/his/him pronouns.

JayR Tinaco Gender, Born, Wiki
JayR Tinaco identifies himself as ‘non-binary’. Photo Source: Instagram

The Space Force actor has revealed that he has friends who call him ‘They’ or even ‘she,’ and he is okay with it. He is neither a boy nor a girl in terms of gender; he is non-binary or genderqueer.

Despite the fact that JayR Tinaco is proud of his sexuality, it wasn’t until his role in Netflix’s sci-fi drama Another Life that he came out as non-binary for the first time.

5. JayR Tinaco is fairly private about his love life

The non-binary actor apparently does not have a partner. Tinaco appears to be single and not in a relationship with anyone as hinted by his social media profiles. As he is fairly secretive about his private life, it is possible that he is trying to conceal his dating life and prevent his partner from unwanted attention.

Related FAQs

What is JayR Tinaco’s net worth?

Though the exact figure of JayR Tinaco’s net worth is unknown, he is believed to be worth over US $300 thousand.

Is JayR Tinaco a transgender female?

There are many rumors that JayR Tinaco is actually a transgender female since he dresses and puts on make-up like a woman. However, the actor has nothing to say about his actual gender other than identifying himself as ‘non-binary’

Does JayR Tinaco have any Siblings?

Tianco isn’t the only child of his parents. He has a sister whose name remains unknown.


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On August 18, 2020, the actor shared throwback pictures of him, his mother, and his sister on Instagram. He looked pretty cute with his sister.

Is JayR Tinaco available on Instagram?

Yes, the young and talented actor is available on Instagram, under the handle @jayrtinaco. As of this writing, the Swan Song actor has accumulated 20.2k followers on his Instagram page.


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