When Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese took the stage on the night of 21st May to declare victory, there were two persons next to him who stole the show: his 21-year-old son, Nathan, and his girlfriend of two years, Jodie Haydon. 

During his victory speech, Mr Anthony thanked his partner for coming into his life and for sharing this journey with him. Since then, Jodie has been sky-high in the internet.

While there’s still time to see how Jodie Haydon will adapt to her new role as Australia’s ‘First Lady,’ let’s know everything about her.

Who is Jodie Haydon?

Jodie Haydon is a 43-year-old Australia’s new ‘First Lady’ after her partner of two years, Anthony Albanese, claimed victory in the federal election.

In addition to being the ‘First Lady,’ she’ll continue her work as a woman’s officer for the NSW Public Service Association; the role which she took in February 2022. Before she was a strategic partnership manager for an industry superannuation fund.

Jodie is also working in pursuit of change for women. Earlier this year, the University dropout criticised Scott Morrison over women’s safety in the workplace.

Born in Bankstown, Sydney, Jodie grew up on the beaches, BMX tracks, and netball courts of the NSW Central Coast.

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How did Jodie Haydon meet Anthony Albanese?

Jodie Haydon met Anthony Albanese in early 2020 at an event in Melbourne, where Anthony had been speaking.

When Anthony asked the audience whether there were any South Sydney rugby league supporters, Jodie yelled out, which caught the attention of the now-Prime Minister of Australia.

Jodie Haydon Partner
Photo Source: smh.com.au

Later, Anthony introduced himself to Jodie and learned that she lived in his electorate. The two eventually ended to have a drink at the Young Henrys brewery in Newton. Though neither was looking for a relationship at the time, they couldn’t stop themselves from falling for each other.

The couple went public with a lovely photoshoot and accompanying feature in the March edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly. 

Is Jodie Haydon married to Anthony Albanese?

Though Jodie has been in a relationship with Anthony for two years now, the two have yet to tie the knot. Howbeit, they might get married anytime soon.

Jodie and Mr Albanese will be only the second unmarried pair to be handed the keys to the Prime Minister’s residences after Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson in 2013.

Jodie Haydon Partner
Anthony Albanese with his partner Jodie Haydon and son Nathan Albanese. Photo Source: news.com.au

While Jodie has never been married or had children, the newly elected 31st PM of Australia was previously married to NSW deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt for 19 years. The two, who split in 2019, share a 21-year-old son Nathan.

Jodie Haydon Family – Parents & Siblings

Jodie comes from a well-educated, extended family. Her parents were both public school teachers. Interestingly, her grandparents were also teachers.

Jodie’s greatest inspiration is her grandmother, who is 93 years old. She says:

“She [Jodie’s grandmother] had nine children and was a schoolteacher. Today that would seem almost insurmountable – nine kids and a career.”

Related FAQs

How old is Jodie Haydon?

Jodie Haydon is currently 43 years old. She was born in 1979.

What nationality is Jodie Haydon?

Jodie Haydon is Australian by nationality.

What’s the age gap between Jodie Haydon and Anthony Albanese?

Jodie is currently 43 years old, and her partner, Anthony Albanese, is 59. So, the two have an age gap of 16 years.

Is Jodie Haydon married?

No, Jodie Haydon has never married anyone.

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