There’s a famous phrase-opportunity knock, but only once- an American rapper, Real Boston Richey, kicked off his career and musical triumph simultaneously. His peculiar rhymes and beats have made their way to club hits, musical charts, and the best rapper alive, Future’s radar. 

Real Boston Richey is an American rapper, singer, and musical artist, well known for his hits- ‘Keep Dissing’ and ‘Everybody’. It’s hard for new artists to keep up their pace in the music industry since numerous tracks hit off the charts quickly and quickly. However, Richey is not a similar new artist; he knows his presence in the hip-hop world.

Real Boston Richey Wiki; How It All Began?

The rapper has built up his walls too high that he is believed to be in his early twenties or late teens. Since his early days, he was all aware of beats and rhymes but didn’t consider pursuing a career as a musical artist. Hailing from Tallahassee, he grew up quite close with his late cousin, who encouraged him to let go of his freestyle verse. 

Real Boston Richey Wiki, Real Name, Birthday, Net Worth, Girlfriend
Photo Source: Real Boston Richey Instagram

Additionally, his mate, Corey, influenced him to get along with the music studios and drop songs in the industry. As soon as he got into the chorus with hip-hop music, he caught the attention of famous rappers- Future and Young Scooter in no time. 

Real Boston Richey Net Worth? How much are his earnings?

It doesn’t mean Richey is a hush talent among the hip-hop ravers. Richey has yet to make a big impression like the famous rappers, Future and T-pain. In 2021, he dropped his first single, Big YIC, which lit the small hope in the rap industry. A few months later, he released ‘Keep Dissing’, and it became the favorite club song of DJ and party pupils. The song ‘Keep Dissing’ has been compared to 2010’s rhymes and brooding beat. Then quickly, he dropped a franchise of his 2022 hit ‘Keep dissing 2’ vibing to the piano-backed funky instrumentals again. 

Real Boston Richey Wiki, Real Name, Birthday, Net Worth, Girlfriend
Photo Source: Real Boston Richey Instagram

Real Boston Richey’s net worth isn’t playing hide and seek; it’s all transparent on his social media account. The rapper has everything on the count, from musical tours, live concerts, and royalties. To sum up, he has made hefty earnings in a short period. Richey, who also goes by Ig fame, ‘the Prince of Bub, ‘ celebrated his 100k followers on Insta by putting up his whopping thousand dollars.

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Real Boston Richey girlfriend? Who is he dating?

He has been a busy bee in less than a year, working for new releases- ‘Real Rich Niggas and Certified Dripper’. Does the rapper have a girlfriend who tags along with him in between live concerts and rushing to music studios? 

Richey is single. Even his fans request him to drop an album and be the Tallahassee hero. For now, he is busy making fusion music and Michigan-style beats. 

How old is Real Boston Richey?

Prince of Bub aka Richey is believed to be in his late teens or early twenties.

When is Real Boston Richey’s birthday?

In one of the Insta posts, he confessed that he is the youngest newbie in the industry. Sadly, he hasn’t uploaded his birthday dates to the public platform.

What is Real Boston Richey’s real name?

He was born with the name Boston Richey, while he has the moniker ‘Prince of Bub’ on Instagram. 

Where is Real Boston Richey from?

He was raised in Tallahassee.

What are Real Boston Richey’s nationality and ethnicity?

The musical artist Richey belongs of American nationality and Afro-American ethnicity.

How tall is Real Boston Richey?

The prince of Bub rapper stands tall at five feet and seven inches. 


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