We have all seen successful YouTubers earning millions from their channel. However, did you know the highest-earning YouTuber, Ryan Kaji from Ryan’s World, is just nine years old? Yes, you heard correct, the young boy earns over millions of dollars from his YouTube channel, where he reviews the latest toys. In addition, his earnings also come from his merchandise and clothing line.

You must be fascinated after learning Ryan Kaji’s earnings. If you wish to know more about his YouTube journey, keep reading!

Ryan’s Journey on YouTube

Ryan started his YouTube channel in March 2015 after he watched other toy reviews channels. He asked his mother, “How come I’m not on YouTube when all the other kids are?”

His mother supported him to become a YouTuber and even left her teaching job to work on her son’s YouTube channel full-time. The step proved to be quite successful as the channel has already earned over 30.6 million subscribers, with over 48 billion views.

Ryan Kaji YouTuber
Ryan Kaji gives toy reviews on his YouTube channel. Image Source: Instagram

The success of the channel has made Ryan an influencer among children. In 2017, his parents signed a deal with PocketWatch. The following year, the young YouTuber created an app called “Tag with Ryan,” collaborating with PocketWatch and WildWorks. They also produced a 20-episode TV series, Ryan’s Mystery Playdate, followed by a video game titled “Race with Ryan.”

Highest Earning YouTuber

With the help of his channel, Ryan has become an influencer in the toy industry. In 2018, he announced a line of toys, “Ryan’s World,” collaborating with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys.

Ryan was named the highest-earning YouTuber by Forbes. In 2020, he became the highest-earning YouTuber for the second time, with earnings of $29.5 million. He is estimated to earn $200 million from Ryan’s World branded toys and clothing, including Marks & Spencer Pyjamas. Besides, the young boy also signed an undisclosed deal for his TV series on Nickelodeon.

Ryan Kaji net worth
Ryan Kaji is raking in millions of dollars at a very young age. Image Source: Instagram

Regardless, Ryan and his family faced a threat from the US Federal Trade Commission investigation over allegations of his video not disclosing their sponsors.

“Nearly 9% of the Ryan ToysReview videos have included at least one paid product recommendation aimed at preschoolers, a group too young to distinguish between a commercial and a review.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the young online sensation has a net worth of $32 million.

Ryan Hails from Texas

Ryan Guan was born in 2011 in Texas, the U.S. He celebrates his birthday on October 6, which makes his age 9. He was born to his parents, Loann Kaji and Shio Kaji. The young YouTuber has twin sisters Emma and Kate.

Ryan Kaji parents, siblings
Ryan Kaji is the older brother of his twin sisters. Image Source: Instagram

Ryan’s family adopted the surname Kaji before starting the YouTube channel. The young YouTuber has a decent height of 4 feet 1 inch.


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