Amelia Anisovych is a 7-year-old girl from Ukraine who went viral when she beautifully sang “Let It Go” in a Kyiv bomb shelter. Her performance of the Disney hit song from “Frozen” was shared on Twitter on March 4.

Since then, people are curious to know more about Amelia Anisovych, including her current whereabouts and parents.

Where is Amelia Anisovych now?

Amelia Anisovych is now in Poland to the safety of her grandmother Vera’s place. Together with her siblings and grandmother, she made it safely into Poland on March 9.

Two weeks after she went viral, Amelia gave an encore performance in Poland at a charity concert. Wearing a traditional white Ukrainian outfit, she wowed tens of thousands of people with her lilting rendition of the Ukrainian national anthem at Atlas Arena in Łódź, Poland, on March 20.

The fundraising event was part of Together with Ukraine, which raised funds to support Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). The organization provides aid to victims of the conflict in Ukraine.

Has Amelia Anisovych reunited with her parents?

Amelia Anisovych is the daughter of Lilia and Roman Anisovych. Her mother Lilia made it to Poland a few days before the Together with Ukraine concert, but her father Roman still remains in Kyiv to help the war effort.

Amelia Anisovych family
Amelia Anisovych with her mother Lilia, older brother Misha, and her grandmother Vera. (Lilia Anisovych/PA)

The seven-year-old girl said:

“I would be very happy to be with my mother and father, in Kyiv, of course.”

After watching her daughter singing the Ukrainian national anthem, Mrs Lilia told the PA news agency:

“Everyone was worried that she would be very worried but she did great. I was behind the stage and she was brought to me immediately after the performance.”

Amelia Anisovych parents
Amelia with her mother Lilia and father Roman (Lilia Anisovych/PA).

She added:

“Her happy grandmother Vera was watching in the hall… is there a grandmother out there who would not be proud of her granddaughter in that moment?”

Amelia has an older brother, Misha, with whom she travelled to the safety of their grandmother’s place in Poland after spending six nights in the bomb shelter in Kyiv.


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