He knows to click a moment in a perfect frame. It all started with a second-hand iPhone that Humza Deas snapped awe-striking Street pictures- be it the beauty of bridges or skyscrapers. Consequently, he had a pool of followers on social media, and his shots were coveted on New York Magazine, Complex Magazine, and Buzzfeed. Also, he appeared in the documentary called Social Animals, scaling tall buildings and coloring the city’s portrait, he has travelled to.

How did he start taking pictures despite not having a qualitative camera on hand? Isn’t he earning enough through eye-catching photography? Does he take a picture of his girlfriend too? Let’s reveal them all:

A Street photographer, Humza Deas

Deas surfs subways, mounts on bridges, and scales NYC skyscrapers on photographs. Hence he has thousands of followers on the mark. He started with a second-hand iPhone when he was sixteen. Then, he began uploading pictures of lifestyle gigs like skateboarding, tall building, street lights, and a portrait of his mates. He only owned his first camera in 2015.

Humza Deas Net Worth, Income
It all started with a second-hand iPhone that Humza Deas snapped awe-striking Street pictures- be it the beauty of bridges or skyscrapers| Source: Instagram

How he thought of snapping his dangling legs over Times Squares? One of the YouTube video, where a daredevil climbs his way up to get his things done, inspired him to be a daring photographer. Soon, bloggers wrote about his dauntless acts and streetscapes. New York magazine, Complex magazine, and BuzzFeed featured his work on their covers. Next, he created a website and started selling prints, exhibiting his works, gallery shows, and collaborating with creative partners.

In 2018, Jonathan Ignatius Green, a filmmaker, noticed him and sent him an email if he was willing to be a part of his documentary, ‘Social Animals’. Initially, he didn’t reply, later he decided to meet up with Green, and eventually, they fixated their shooting date. The documentary showcases Deas taking up his dauntless act to get himself notified as more of a risk-taker.

Humza Deas Net Worth, Income
Humza Deas’ photography| Source: Instagram

Now, he earns a ton from getting his pictures coveted in notable magazines. Further his website, where he sells his prints and gallery works, makes hefty earnings. The sources believe that Deas saves thousands of net worth during the rainy day.

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His girlfriend takes pictures too.

He isn’t single; he has a girlfriend whose identity hasn’t been revealed yet. When asked what his own favorite photograph was, he answered that the picture of him and his girlfriend walking in Centre Park fell into his favorite category. Moreover, he has uploaded the couple’s picture of the duo very carefully to unveil her face and name.

Humza Deas Girlfriend, Dating
Humza Deas with his girlfriend| Source: Instagram

Well, Deas’s girlfriend is also a pro at taking pictures. She clicked pictures of the daredevil photographer back in 2018 when he was skateboarding. Eventually, most of the peeps loved her photography skills.

Where is he from?

23 years old Humza Deas was born on 12 March 1997 in Brooklyn, New York City. He is known for top-down pictures and skyscrapers.

Deas would be skateboarding if he wasn’t a daredevil photographer hanging out with his two friends the trio sheltered under the FDR freeway because of the lightning storm. There, he attempted to capture the lightning, though he was fully soaked in the rain.  In the fifth attempt, he snapped the lightning streak over the Manhattan Bridge and soon realized his love for photography.


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