Jabari Banks is a multi-talented newcomer who takes on a modernized version of Will Smith’s iconic role from the 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Peacock and NOW streaming service show “Bel-Air.” Get to know this breakout star who’s a new fresh prince in town!

Jabari Banks’ Mini-Biography

The 23-year-old Jabari Banks is the new prince of Bel-Air. He made his acting debut in 2022, playing Will in the new Peacock’s dramatic reboot of ‘Fresh Prince’.

Jabari Banks Wiki, Ethnicity, Real Name
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Like his predecessor Will Smith, Banks has endless talent and swag. Along with being an actor, he aspires to become a musician and leave his ‘footprint’ in the fashion world.

Jabari Banks Wiki Facts

1. He was born and bred in Philadelphia

Just like his character, Jabari Banks was born and raised in West Philadelphia. He’s currently based in California. Prior to being cast on Bel-Air, he was working a factory job in Temecula. He returned to Philadelphia to film the pilot of Bel-Air.

2. He attended drama school

Banks graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a bachelor’s degree in musical theatre, in 2020. The actor told Women’s Wear Daily that he spent his first-year post-college “couch surfing and auditioning,” which led to his first major role.

Jabari Banks Wiki, Net Worth, Ethnicity
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Jabari Banks told the outlet:

“If you want something, if you ask for it, God or the universe is gonna send it your way. It just depends who you are when your time comes; if you’re ready. And so I made a big point to get ready and to stay ready for my time.”

3. He’s interested in doing action movies

Banks landed a huge role of Will Smith right out of the gate, which is his first onscreen role. And, he’d love for movie acting to be in his future. He told PEOPLE:

“I’m really interested in doing action movies and getting into my action bag. So that’s going to be fun to do.”

Jabari Banks Net Worth, Wiki, Ethnicity
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Banks got interested in acting when he was a junior in high school after joining the drama club.

4. He’s an aspiring musician

Jabari Banks has a passion for music creation just like the original Fresh Prince himself. He is a songwriter, singer, and rapper, currently working on his debut rap EP for a summer release.

Check out this video where Jabari Banks raps The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song with Kelly Clarkson.

5. He has an interest in fashion

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was notable for its ’90s fashion and streetwear style, ranging from Smith’s high-top Jordan sneakers to bright-coloured jumpers – and you can bet that the fashion on Bel-Air is nothing short of fresh.

Jabari Banks Ethnicity, Wiki, Net Worth

Jabari Banks, like his character, is passionate about fashion and has aspirations to launch his own clothing line in the future. He told PEOPLE that he has high expectations for the next ten years, saying:

“I’m super excited to get into the whole fashion. I got my clothing line that’s coming out as well.”

Related FAQs

How old is Jabari Banks?

Jabari Banks was born in 1998. He celebrates his birthday on August 2, which makes his zodiac sign Leo. He is currently 23 years old.

What is Jabari Banks’ height?

Banks stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is pretty tall. However, he isn’t quite as lanky as the original Fresh Prince as Will Smith stands a reported 6’2″.

Who are Jabari Banks’ parents?

The Bel-Air star hasn’t revealed the names of his parents. But he has shared that his mother was the one who found him the factory job.

In the announcement video of his casting, Banks revealed that his father was the first person who informed him about the role and encouraged him to audition. His dad taught him about being a Black man in America.

Does Jabari Banks have any siblings?

Banks is the youngest child born to his parents. He has three elder brothers whose names remain unknown.


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