22, Demi Jones from Love Island is not a Damsel in Distress Following the Split with Luke Mabbott

She is in a good time with her favorite wine. At the same time, she is busy sharing a tip on big bouncy curls for girls. Demi Jones doesn’t care about her ex, Luke Mabbot’s new relationship after all. A few days ago, she liked a tweet which stated

“Lockdown has taught me I’m better off alone man, I have no patience for anyone’s rubbishness”

Demi Jones like a tweet which said ‘better off alone’ hinting she is over with Luke Mabbott
Source: Twitter

Demi and Luke didn’t go for recoupling at the beginning of the show ‘Love Island UK’. Luke was initially drawn to Jess Gale and Natalia Zoppa simultaneously, whereas something clicked in between Demi and Nas Majeed. Somehow Demi and Luke ended up together with the virtue of their mates- Luke Trotman and Siȃnnise Fudge. It turned out, Demi and Luke emerged as the most adorable couple in the villa.


As soon as the hit dating show wrapped up, the duo parted their ways too. She realized that her feelings couldn’t reciprocate to Luke, likewise on the screen. A history student from Portsmouth, Demi Jones also admitted if they hadn’t been drifted apart amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, things would have been different.

“I think it probably would have had a better chance, just because we would have been able to see each other more,” she mused. “But inevitably, I think we are different people when I look at it.

“I’m just a very bubbly, chatty person and I don’t think my energy was reciprocated.”

Later, she put on the blame to Luke who didn’t ask her officially after the show ended.

In the past few days, Luke Mabbott and Lucie Donlan have affirmed their new relationship following the romance thrills around Instagram. Lucie Donlan, a 22-year-old surfer/model coupled with Joe Garratt and Tommy Fury on the fifth franchise of Love Island UK. Like Demi and Luke, Lucie grew apart from Joe in January 2020.


After the confirmation of the new romance, it seemed as if Demi was warning Lucie that Luke might not be a prince charming straight out of a fairy tale. Once Lucie took an Instagram to share her jaw-dropping bikini shots alongside a caption:

“Just recently I’ve been catching feelings…not flights.”

After three days, Demi uploaded a picture of herself sunbathing with the caption which seemed like a response to Lucie’s post.

“Honey…you should take my advice, catch that flight, not the feeling.”


Folks immediately had a hunch that the caption was dedicated to Lucie. They though if Demi was trying to reach out to Lucie about Luke indirectly. A few days later, Luke shared a mirror selfie and captioned that he had been smiling lately because of his current beau. Luke and Lucie took no hint of Demi, didn’t they?

The new couple didn’t halt posting their romantic sparks on social media. Again, Lucie didn’t coil away from writing Luke as her partner in crime in a photograph where they sat together in a surfboard.  Prior to their official announcement, Demi dissed at Luke once again in a tweet:

“Girlllllllll know your worth”

Folks were quick to jump in the conclusion if she was hissing at Luke and Lucie. One of a fan asked if the tweet was intended towards ‘Bieber’ and ‘the mermaid.’ They meant for Luke’s resemblance as Justin Bieber and Lucie’s pursuit of a career into surfing. On response, she denied that the tweet wasn’t directly pointed at the new lovebirds:

No it really isn’t. Actually just felt like tweeting it because us gals need to be reminded sometimes lol, twitter just reads into things too deep.”

But they are still doubtful.


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