Fashionista, Teaira Walker, is 32 years old daredevil who didn’t coil away from the camera through her face was raw with sunburn. In fifteen minutes, she got rid of the reddened forehead as she blended glow foundation, hydrating primer, colors concealer, and sublime perfection concealer, and then she introduced a bronzy glowy date night makeup look in the end. None could spot if she had a sunburn in past weeks.

Instagram is nothing less than the fashion capitals- New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Teaira Walker started out with an amateur video, where she flaunted her makeup skills in her won room. Now the pool of 857K subscribers is attentive on what Walker has to say on tips for a sleek ponytail or new outfit ideal for 2020.

Teaira Walker Is a Smart Cookie When It Comes to Hacks For Summer Clothing


On one hand, trends are difficult to follow up with; they change and diversify most of the time. But it isn’t alarming for Walker since she is acquainted with fashion like the back of her hand. She is a smart cookie when it comes to hacks for summer clothing, best places to shop online, and fashion trends 2020.

She has a soulful remedy to puffy eyes and blemishes as well. The light-weighted radiant multi-purpose concealer and an instant bright eye mask are what she prefers to toss out the shades of blemishes and baggy eyes respectively.

After the curls, sleek ponytails, and buns, fans aren’t able to keep their eyes of her braids. One of the fans admired both the face and hair-do stating:

“Its the braids and the face for me?”

The second follower found an exact word to describe her pearl beauty:


Then, the third fan mused:

“Ouuu this hair is GLORIOUS”

Summer styles are most searched through terms as folks urge to carry off different persona, unlike loungewear. Her Instagram perfectly fits the bill of summer trends in ease of floral skirts, trendy top-wears, bikinis, casual trousers, and a plethora of options to get in the comfort zone.

The 5’10” social media personality, Walker is an answer to how tall girls should carry on their styling tips. She also provides plentiful of merch outlets so that tall girls won’t have to face usual problems such as- the denim which doesn’t extend across the ankle or the long sleeves that don’t cover their wrist. Even, the YouTube channel uploads tall-girl friendly brands and wear, inclining any of the long legs to opt maxi, midi dress or skirts and embrace oversized and loose-fitting clothes.


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