Unfortunately, the relationship between Married at First Sight Couple KC Osborne and Michael Goonan didn’t last long. The professional dancer, KC Osborne, shared her heart-wrenching post on split-up with Goonan before any media outlets could bend their relationship out of shape.

Once upon a time, 31-years old, KC Osborne thought to exchange wedding rings with Michael Goonan in a Q/A session of Instagram. Though she didn’t set the wedding as a priority, she knew Michael is the only one whom she regarded her future husband.

First, she laughed out on the query if she hoped to tie the knot soon:

‘What? Get married for real?’

Then, she answered:

I guess one day. It’s not really a priority but one day,’

But she wasn’t ready to have kids. Osborne didn’t nod down her head when one of her fans asked whether she planned to share parenthood with Goonan. However, she revealed she found his two-year-old son Connor to be ‘adorable.’

Somehow the romance parted its way in shreds. On July 5, 2020, she took Instagram to share the shocking split with Goonan. KC Osborne thought she would go on a long-term with a best friend turned partner in crime, Goonan. Nothing is easy as it seems. She decided to end the relationship as she realized he didn’t treat her the way she deserved.


She began the post with a disturbing confession.

“It hurts my heart to write this, but I want it to come from my mouth before it can be twisted by the media or anyone,”

“It is with sadness that I have chosen to end my relationship with Michael. It’s been almost five months, and a relationship that I will always hold in my heart. Michael became my best friend, and five months felt like a lifetime while isolating.”

“I packed my bags and moved in with him with hopes this would be my forever.”

The MAFS star continued:

“It’s not my place to talk personally about Michael, however, I do hope Michael makes some changes, as I will always believe in his potential and wish blessings on his life.

“I have so much love and support from the public for this relationship, and to those people thanks kindly.”

In the meantime, she slammed back at the trolls that she acquired after affirming a relationship with Goonan in April. Osborne said in the post that she didn’t intend to hurt anyone. Specifically, she meant to mention Michael’s ex-wife, Stacey Hampton, whom Osborne didn’t aim to hurt.

“For those who have continually trolled me and trashed me and said I broke girl code … we were caught up in a TV show, so many things happened that you guys don’t see. Both our ‘marriages’ ended way before we had got together and (neither) of us were going to get back with our partners,”

She set her eye on Michael, who possessed every criterion that she dreamt of. So, they formed a bond that turned out into a romance, luckily.  In the end, she knew, “self-love comes first, and if someone is not treating you the way you deserve, you must leave, even if it hurts like hell.” She harbors “no bad feeling” towards Michael; instead, she seemed to focus on work and move on “on all the beautiful things life has to offer.”

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KC Osborne and Michael Goonan from MAFS have broken-up
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While the businessman, Michael, admitted how his work-life balance is non-existent. He agreed that he didn’t “give KC the time she deserves.” As the reality show, MAFS came to an end; he was too occupied burying into his schedule.

“I’ve always been a workaholic and I’ve struggled to find a healthy balance between work and my relationship with KC.”

At the same time, he also didn’t hold ‘hard feeling on’ Osborne instead wished a blissful life ahead of her way, while cherishing their good time memories.

‘We shared some great memories I’ll always cherish. KC is a strong, intelligent and beautiful woman, and I wish her all the success moving forward.’

In May, the pair had announced their plans on getting married. They acknowledged how their relationship wasn’t like a high school date in lieu; the couple was getting serious and making budget plans for the forthcoming wedding. There was a time when Osborne regarded Goonan as the man she longed to spend the rest of the life with.

‘I don’t want to date anymore. I’m happy where I am. I can see a future with Michael and I love the guy,’

“As long as I can work and do what I love, I’m so happy to be coming home to be with someone like Michael.”

Time flies quickly. They have parted their ways for all good.


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