Be careful on what you say. Some find the statement funny, while others could claim them as obscene as they had ever thought of. Surprisingly, the pioneer winner of Australia’s Masterchef, Julie Goodwin, relates to it.

In the past few days, she shocked fans with the nasty response to a tweet from Swedish user, Lina Lundin, who queried X-rated wordplay on food.

If the question is an indecent prompt, the response surely promises to turn as raunchy and risqué as the query isn’t it? Howbeit, none ever thought if Julie Goodwin would get back to the filthy response. She came with a witty remark:

“If a skewer comes out clean, it’s ready to go,”

Really, she babbled out the filthiest answer!

Consequently, fans didn’t anticipate that. They were taken aback. One of the fans wrote when the winner of Australia’s Masterchef answered back the viral Twitter question.

“I did NOT expect that.”

Well, most of the Twitter users hurled back their risqué as well as funny remarks to Julie Goodwin’s witty response

one of the fans joked on the color of food puns

“It’s covered in brown sauce,”

“Is it meant to be that color?”

Another asked innocently if that meant to be the color. It might be an intentional or unintentional query.

It’s one of the filthiest comments.

“Let’s see if this wet noodle sticks to the wall,”

“This needs more cumin,”

This user knows the appropriate use of puns.

A decade ago, she outpointed Poh Ling Yeow to win the first season of the show, Masterchef. Lately, Julie Goodwin was applauded for sharing tidbits about her mental illness. She unveiled spending the past five weeks in a mental health unit that tended her to take a leave from co-hosting her radio show. She felt as if she was

“trapped under a wet woolen blanket, and every move was a massive effort… Anxiety kept coursing through me like electricity. Eventually, all of this became so much that I just had nothing left.” Somehow she comprehended she is  “a cog in a wheel, and we all need a break sometimes.”

Those days, she was tangled between her timetables- executing a cooking school as well as a breakfast radio slot. She broke down to the point where she had difficulty in sleeping and eating. Luckily she had a rewarding life; she coped with the mental illness on the support of her husband Michael and three sons.


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