Marcia Hines’ Secret To Youthful Appearance| Married Four Times

Well, the time has stood still for Marcia Hines. After a decade of TV appearance, she still bears an irresistible youthful aura. Not long ago, viewers acknowledged she looked nothing like 66-years old women during her screen attendance in ‘The Voice Australia’.

Things took a hard hit after the global pandemic crisis. Kelly Rowland and Boy George were stuck and prohibited from returning to Australia. Fortunately, Marcia Hines served as a local mentor boosting the morale of contestants, while the coaches managed through FaceTime in ‘The Voice Australia.’  Let’s figure out what Marcia Hines does for a youthful appearance along with her net worth, married life, and wiki-facts!

 Cuts down junk food for a healthy appearance

On The Kyle & Jackie O Show, the former queen of pop revealed her secrets to a youthful appearance. Jackie O couldn’t resist asking Hines the hacks behind her smooth skin.

“How come you look exactly the same as you’ve always looked?”

The musician responded in jest that she had convinced herself she wouldn’t bore any wrinkles since the early days.

“I reckon one day, I won’t have any wrinkles, I’ll just wake up dust,”

Marcia Hines Youthful beauty, ageless beauty
Marcia Hines was praised of youthful skin during an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.| Source: Seniors News

Her witty remark brought laughter among the trio- the two radio hosts as well as the vocalist, Hines, herself. Similarly, Kyle, who had worked with Hines as judges on Australian Idol from 2005 to 2008 exclaimed that she hadn’t changed in these 12 years. Did the clock halt tick for Hines?

It wasn’t the first time she garnered compliments for her good skin. Two years ago, she was praised of youthful skin during an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald. She thanked ‘great genetics’ for fresh-faced looks and also claimed her relatives are blessed with good skin. Then she unveiled health hacks in response to a young appearance where she avoids smoking, sweets, junk food, and drinks most of the time.

According to Dr Ostad, consuming more sugar triggers the excess sugar molecules mix with proteins and form glycation end products, in simpler form ‘ageing process’. So, one should learn to avoid sweet tooth as well as drinking and smoking to have youthful skin.

Marcia Hines- Commercially successful recording artist

At 16, she commuted to Australia from the US. She became the youngest person in the world to play a featured role in the production, ‘Hair.’ Since then, she couldn’t turn her sides in her hometown, America, as she was preoccupied with tours, concerts, making songs, and TV appearances.

Marcia Hines Net Worth, Songs
At 16, Marcia Hines commuted to Australia from the US and became the youngest person in the world to play a featured role in the production, ‘Hair.| Source: ICMI

During the late 1970s, she charmed radio with her notable cover songs- “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself”, “You” and “Something’s Missing (In My Life)”. Thus, she was labelled ‘Queen of Pop’ simultaneously for three years in a row by TV Week’s readers.

After being an Australian citizen, she took a turn towards TV appearance. She isn’t a newbie to reality shows; she had put up the skin of one of the judges in Australian Idol from 2003 to 2010. Well, she didn’t stop her early track of recording artist; she continued with a cover song, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ on The Real Housewives of Melbourne in 2015. Hence, she carries a bankable net worth of $19 million as a vocalist and TV personality.

Married four times

Once she said she isn’t meant for a lifetime relationship on the platform of Australian dol, Given that, she suffered four relationship failures, the ‘Queen of Pop’ doesn’t find any hope behind the right man now. Hines blames none for the breakage of the marriage bond with  Andre DeCarpentry, Jamie McKinley, Ghassan Bayni, and Christopher Morrissey. She couldn’t stick with the fourth husband, Christopher Morrissey whom she tied the knot in 2005 claiming:

“When I make a decision about something like that, then I’m cool. No one is to blame because I don’t believe in that, but it’s just what has to be.”

Marcia Hines Married, Husband, Christopher Morrissey
Marcia Hines with her fourth husband, Christopher Morrissey| Source: Daily Telegraph

Hines is blessed with a daughter, Deni Hines, a solo recording artist who has performed in a stage show, ‘Hair’. Deni inherits the sides of Ethiopian and Somalian from her father.

Shares close-knit bond with mother

67, Marcia Hines was born in Boston, Massachusetts on 20 July 1953. Her single mother, Esmeralda Hines, brought her up. The Australian Judge, Marcia Hines lost her father, Eugene, when she was six months old. He passed away from the surgery required by his war wound. Hies grew up with her brother, Dwight in Boston.

Esmeralda stood by Marcia when she had a difficult childhood from asthma, diabetes, and Dwight’s demise from suicide. Hines didn’t halt singing in a church choir, then joining local groups and apply a scholarship to music school. Eventually, she earned a scholarship to the New England Conservatory of Music in 1967. Two years later, she had her mother applauding for Hines’ performance at the Woodstock Festival.