Why Did ‘Welcome To Plathville’ Star, Moriah Plath Leave Her Family?

She is something different, a free wild daughter, of the Plath family. Moriah Plath, the second eldest daughter, has been showcasing an exceptional lifestyle after fleeing from the conservative family on the reality show, ‘Welcome to Nashville’. She isn’t a damsel in distress rather a rebellious and challenging personality in the family.

Why does the sister assume, Moriah like chalk and cheese among nine siblings? Let’s talk about Moriah Plath’s unique ways of resolving the conservative Plath family along with her net worth, siblings, and wiki-bio.

How is she different than the rest?

In simple words, the Plath family is an ultra-conservative being. The kids are prohibited to watch TV, use computers, and munch on junk foods. Moriah was sixteen when ‘Welcome to Nashville’ aired on the TLC, where the family explored how she didn’t get along with the family set up rules. There was the time when she enjoyed the beach, gracing a midriff-bearing top, while the ‘Plath’ children used to wear T-shirts during swimming.

Moriah Plath, Family, Parents, Welcome to Plathville
The Plath Family including mother Kim and father, Barry with their nine kids| Source: The List

Audiences have witnessed Moriah in a bikini, glamorous avatars, and purple hair. Even one of her sisters claimed that being a rebel in the conservative ‘Plath family’ refers “to listening to music and doing her makeup.” And Moriah fits on it.

Into singing as well as acting trails

‘The Plath Family’ band is notable for delivering their performances at churches and several events. Well, the mother, Kim Plath, and the father Barry Plath have raised their nine children with music sensation that they are no stranger to notes and chords. The band has dropped CD albums where Moriah can be seen playing guitar as well as giving her vocals. Further, the 2016 documentary called ‘Family, Unity, Harmony’ has showcased Moriah’s knack of hitting perfect strings.

Welcome to Plathville's star, Moriah Plath
Welcome to Plathville’s star, Moriah Plath| Source: Screen Rant

Once, she has opened up on Instagram about how music has secured her life amidst the rainy days; hence she loves music to the core.

“Music was one of the few things I had to pull me through.”

Though she stands as a rebel in the Plath family, music connects the band as a whole despite the disparity.

Kim and Barry lead a tedious life, whereas their second eldest daughter knows how the camera works and how to immerse into a storyline when a camera focuses on her. Moriah has been a part of a short movie, ‘You Should Be There’, where she plays a rebellious teen, Brittany. In no time, the ‘Welcome to Plathville’ star, Moriah shall accumulate bankable net worth, one day won’t she?

Dating Max Kallschmidt

She labels Max Kallschmidt her everything- boyfriend, best friend, and partner in crime. On the first of December, she announced her split with Max, citing that she needed to invest in herself before taking a huge step. It disheartened many fans out there; somehow they hoped the duo would get together one day. Why did they hope for wishful thinking? Well, following the split-up, she uploaded a picture, in which she summoned Max her best friend.

Moriah Plath Dating, Boyfriend
Moriah Plath labels Max Kallschmidt her everything- boyfriend, best friend, and partner in crime| Source: TLC

After two weeks of the break-up post, Moriah again patched up with Max. She uploaded a couple of pictures with her boyfriend on Instagram, hinting that the duo is back one more time.

Maybe some of y’all saw it coming or maybe it shocked you as it did me… but I can now properly introduce y’all to my boyfriend, best friend, (yes he can be both of those at the same time😜) and my partner in crime⚓️🖤 @maxkall2.0 I’m crazy about you😘🖤❤️”

How old is Moriah Plath?

19-years old, Moriah Jasper Plath’s rebellious side became a part of the TLC, three years ago. Trying out bikinis and having a deep connection with her sister-in-law, Olivia within a bite of the first cotton candy is something different from other reality show. Moriah made the viewers comfortable watching the TV segment ‘Welcome to Plathville’ when they were uneasy to believe conservative patterns of the father, Barry, and Mother Kim, alongside their nine children.  Moriah is the early 2000s TV personality, who celebrates her birthday on the 28th of August.

Welcome to Plathville's star, Moriah Plath, Age, Height
19-years old, Moriah Jasper Plath’s rebellious side became a part of the TLC, three years| Source: TV Shows Ace

The super-strict Kim and Barry have always preferred keeping their nine children- Hosanna, Ethan, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Issac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy isolated from the real world. For example, when Hosanna longed for joining a music school via scholarship, the parents straightly dejected the idea.  At the same time, Moriah also yearned to get admission on the college; howbeit Kim didn’t see a point in incurring education expenses. After all the drama, Moriah was successful enough to impress ‘Stetson University DeLand Campus’.

Moriah is no longer living with her parents because of inevitable differences. In one of the podcasts, ‘HeyFrase’, Olivia revealed that Moriah separated from her parents in December 2019; nonetheless, she is in her best attempts to mend the family bond and keep in touch with her younger siblings.