Rob49, a phenom who has only been rapping professionally for two years, has been taking the historic New Orleans city streets by storm. People are already calling him “baby Soulja Slim” for his magnetic presence and confidence on the mic. His rhymes about the ups and downs of street life propelled him to the top of the New Orleans rap scene. 

Rob49’s Mini-Biography

Rob49, born in 1999, is a budding rapper from the 4th ward of New Orleans City. He grew up at the intersection of projects in the 4th and 9th Wards, that’s where the “49” in his rap handle comes from.

Throughout his adolescence, his parents were in and out of jail, serving jail time. When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the city in 2005, the entire family fled to Houston in Mom’s broken-down Impala.

Rob49 was raised by a single mother as his father went to federal prison when he was only 2 years old. He served 12 years in prison and returned when he was 14. His parents had already separated before his father went to jail.

Rob49 dropped out of college for nursing to pursue a career in music. He started rapping in April 2020, and he’s since accomplished a lot in a short time.

Rob49’s Career – His Rise To Stardom

Rob49 knew he had a talent for rap from a very young age. He drew inspiration from songs of the artists like Future, Meek Mill, and the Weeknd, to name a few.

Throughout high school, his friends could discover he could rap, but he only started rapping in April of 2020 when he stumbled into one of his friend’s studio session.

From there, Rob49 started putting in work, culling beats from YouTube and local producers. His first song that got local traction was 2020’s “Toxic,” with an opening line inspired by all the Future and The Weeknd songs he listened to.

In 2020 alone, Rob49 dropped three projects – 4our The World, Vulture, and KRAZYMAN – building buzz in the city. The same year, he also signed to Rebel Music/Geffen Records. He then released his next full-length project, 4God, in June 2021. 4God is a 12-track album, which consists of singles such as Born Day, RR Truck, DeeDay, and Who is You.

Rob49 Net Worth
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In 2022, Rob49 connected with Atlanta superstar Lil Baby for Vulture Island V2On April 8, he dropped a new project Welcome to Vulture Islandwhich has 17 tracks, including Vulture Island and Vulture Island 2. 

With the release of Welcome to Vulture Island, Rob49’s ride to the top continues on.

Rob49’s Girlfriend – Is He Dating Someone?

The rising rapper has already found the love of his life. In an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2, when asked whether he was single, Rob49 said he wasn’t single and he got a girl.

The Krazyman rapper noted that he has yet to propose to his girlfriend as he’s still too young to pop the question. But he said he might marry her one day.

Rob49’s girlfriend (whose name is still unknown) is one of his cousin’s friends. They met for the first time at the rapper’s house, a night before his cousin’s birthday party. A couple of months later, his now-girlfriend hit his Snapchat dm. They started chatting since then and eventually began dating each other.

Nothing much is known about Rob49’s girlfriend, except the fact that she’s a college student and aspires to become an architect.

Rob49’s Net Worth: Is He Rich?

Rob49 is one of the fastest-growing newcomers in the Hip-Hop scene. Though it has been only two years since he started making music, he has already released five albums, raking in a hefty sum of money into his bank account.

As of 2022, Rob49’s net worth is estimated at $300 thousand approximately.

Related FAQs

1. How Old is Rob49? His Age & Birthday

Ans: Rob49 was born in the year 1999. He’s currently 23 years old. His birthday falls on the 6th of March.

2. What’s Rob49’s Real Name?

Ans: Rob49’s real name is Robert Thomas.

3. Does Rob49 Have Any Siblings?

Ans: Rob49 is the only child of his parents. However, he has many half-siblings from both his parent’s sides. From her mother’s side, he has an older half-sister and a younger half-sister. He grew up in a household full of females.

3. Who is Rob49 signed to?

Ans: The New Orleans-based rapper is signed to Rebel Music/Geffen Records.

4. How Tall is Rob49?

Ans: Rob49 stands 5 feet 9 inches tall.

5. Does Rob49 Have a Wikipedia Page?

Ans: No, rapper Rob49, whose real name is Robert Thomas, doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.

6. How Can You Connect to Rob49?

Ans: You can connect to Rob49 by following him on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

7. Where Can You Listen to Rob49’s Songs?

Ans: Rob49’s songs are available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify. His songs are also available on his YouTube channel.


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