Fresco Trey is a rising Memphis rap star with an uncanny talent for marrying otherwordly pop with hard-hitting production and inward lyrics. His hypnotizing melodies, proficient lyrics, and eye-capturing visuals resonate with his fans, and that’s why his career has been moving so fast. In just two years, he has gone from a budding artist sliding underneath the radar to working with some of the top artists and producers in the music industry.

A naturally instinctive songwriter, Freso Trey has an unbelievable sense of melody and lyrics, with all the essential qualities that an artist should have. He is certainly on a path to becoming a global superstar and is poised to make 2022 one long victory lap.

Here is everything you need to know about the Memphis, TN born artist Fresco Trey.

1. He Has Been Doing Music Since He Was 2 Years Old

The 22-year-old Memphis native started doing music when he was only 2 years old. That’s when he first won a talent show.

At the time, his cousin, who went to Hamilton High School, brought Fresco to his talent show to perform a song. That was his first time doing music.

2. His Older Sister Paid For His First Studio Sessions

When Fresco was in 11th grade, his older sister, herself a singer, took him to the studio for her recording session. In the studio, Fresco was helping his sister come up with certain melodies, and everyone out there suggested to him to start doing music.

At the time, Fresco aspired to become a basketball player. But when he left the studio, he couldn’t get over it. He then started writing a song with no intention of writing. But when his sister saw him write music, she booked him his first studio session. And so, Fresco recorded his first song “Lonely”, and his sister ended up singing on it afterward.

3. He Got The Name “Fresco Trey” In Ninth Grade

The Memphis rapper, born Trey Ashton Davis, came up with the name “Fresco Trey” in ninth grade while in Spanish class. While discussing weather terms in the class, he learned that ‘fresco’ translated into ‘cool’ and had also the meaning ‘fresh.’

That word really stuck with him after he found the word perfect for his name. So he used the word ‘Fresco’ when he began sharing his music with others.  And ‘Trey’ is his first name.

4. He Signed To Warner Records in 2021

Fresco Trey dropped his kaleidoscopic “Drip Too Hard” remix in 2018 and unloaded his “Ruff Ryders” Ep in early 2019. He eventually dropped “By My Side,” which reached the ears of Post Malone. The Rockstar singer later invited Fresco to travel with him on his “Runway Love” Tour to watch the shows and soak up the environment.

In 2021, Fresco signed a deal with Warner Records after releasing “Feel Good,” a song that racked up the streams and effectively solidified his path to rap stardom.


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Since then, Fresco dropped a 7-track EP “Heartbreak Diaries” and several hit singles such as Need You, Couple Hunnid, Draft Kings, and Luv Don’t Live Here. This year, he was even featured on the NBA 2k22 Soundtrack to his foray into the metaverse with Budweiser.

5. He Has Launched His Own Label

Fresco, for whom the studio became a place where he could express himself freely, has created his own label – Fresco The Label – under which he releases all of his music.

Fresco also plans to start a legitimate clothing line in future. He said he wants to start a whole real estate thing.

6. He is Apparently Single

Fresco speaks a lot about romance in his music. After he dropped Heartbreak Diaries, everybody was asking him if a girl broke his heart or what girl broke his heart. The Memphis native later clarified that his debut EP was a lot of different things that come with his heartbreak than just a girl, like a friend doing him wrong or a teacher or a coach doing him wrong.

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While it’s clear that Fresco was once heartbroken with a girl, he seems to be single as of now. He hasn’t gone public with a girl since rising to fame, and his social accounts are also impotent in revealing his possible dating affair. So, it’s safe to assume that Fresco isn’t dating anyone lately, and he has no girlfriend, at least for now.


1. What’s Fresco Trey’s real name?

His real name is Trey Ashton Davis.

2. How old is Fresco Trey?

Fresco Trey is currently 22 years old. He was born in the year 1999. His birthday falls on the 21st of July.

3. Where is Fresco Trey from?

Fresco Trey is from Memphis, Tennessee.

4. What’s Fresco Trey’s nationality?

Memphis, TN born Fresco Trey is American by nationality.

5. Where did Fresco Trey go to school?

Fresco Trey attended St. Benedict at Auburndale High School.

6. Who are Fresco Trey’s parents?

Fresco hasn’t revealed the name of his parents. But he revealed that his parents had their issues and separated for a period of time.

The rapper also recalls that his father used to play CDs of Tupac and Kanye West during their roadtrips.


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