Visiting Australia is on the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts. Australia is one of the popular tourist destinations as it has many beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, and tons of places for recreation activities. However, the jewel of the country probably must be Sydney.

Sydney is one of the beautiful, oldest, and most significant cities in Australia. Architecture and scenery fill the beautiful city. So, if you are in the town, curious to know which places you must visit during your stay in one of the finest cities in Australia, we got you covered.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

You knew this was coming, right? Everybody has heard about the beautiful Sydney Opera House. It is one of the famous buildings in the world and is on the list for a reason. Danish architect Jørn Utzon designed the building after winning the competition to design Australia’s national opera house.

You might want to take a stroll along the harbour and admire the pearly white exterior for free. But you will have to pay for a ticket to enjoy a guided tour inside the magnificent building.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Your visit to Sydney won’t be complete if you don’t stop by the marvellous Sydney Harbour Bridge. With a minimum amount of money, you can take the Harbor Bridge Climb and admire the best view of Sydney.

You can still enjoy a fantastic view if you spend around 19 Australian dollars for an entry from the bridge at Pylon Lookout. The Lookout is 87 meters above sea level, and you can also enjoy the exhibits, explaining the history and construction of the bridge on the way up.

Bondi Beach

If you wish to get that perfect Instagram picture, you must visit Bondi Beach. The place is ideal for that perfect picture, but you can also soak up after Australian sunshine. You can do many activities at Bondi Beach, like play Frisbee, take a dip in the turquoise waves, and later, enjoy ice cream to cool off while watching the sunset.

And if you are not much of an ocean person, you can instead enjoy a dip in the famous Bondi Icebergs swimming pool, which is on the outskirts of the beach. Regardless of anything you do, you are sure to enjoy your time at Bondi Beach.

Luna Park

After enjoying all the scenes, you can pay a visit to the joyful park, known as Luna Park. Bring out the inner child inside of you with the bright lights of Luna Park. You will be greeted with a massive Luna Park face and will have to enter the mouth to find yourself surrounded by a wide variety of classic amusement park rides.

Although the entry is free, the amusement part will cost you. However, you can wander through the attractive waterside park and enjoy a picnic while enjoying the view from the northern side of the harbour.

The Sydney Tower Eye

If you want to enjoy the full view of Sydney from above, then you can visit the Sydney Tower Eye. It is the city’s tallest building and also a treasured landmark. The golden spite-topped turret rises from the busy shopping mall.

The Tower is one of the perfect places for sightseeing. You can enjoy the magnificent 360-degree view of the city from above 309 meters from the land.

South-east Australia has been rocked by an earthquake, with reports of tremors felt from Melbourne to Sydney.

According to Geoscience Australia, the 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck in the Alpine National Park south-east of Mansfield, 190 kilometers north-east of Melbourne, at 9:15 a.m. today. The earthquake was initially recorded at a magnitude of 6.0 but was later downgraded to a magnitude of 5.0, with tremors lasting roughly 30 seconds.

Eighteen minutes after the first tremor, a 4.0 aftershock was recorded. Another 3.1 magnitude quake hit at 10.15 am.

Earthquake in Victoria
Products fell from the shelves of the Chemist Warehouse in Mansfield, northwest of the earthquake’s epicentre. Image Source: Twitter/LottiDyer

According to Deputy Premier James Merlino, the state is on high alert as there is a chance of more earthquakes and aftershocks, which might last weeks or months. He said:

“Buildings have been damaged in the Mansfield township, no reports of injury at this stage.”

Mr Merlino said 46 minor building damage complaints had been received across the state, including in the Melbourne suburbs of Kensington, Parkdale, Ascot Vale, Balwyn, Prahran, Northcote, West Melbourne, and Elsternwick.

Beechworth hospital had lost power in the morning, but they have been able to switch to backup generators. Most of the power outages in the state has also been resolved.

Incident control centres have been established in Manfield, Dandenong, and Benalla. Public transportation has been impacted, particularly on the Traralgon and Seymour rail lines.

Though Mr Merlino did not feel the quake, his wife and children did feel the tremors. He said:

“It was right across Melbourne and many parts of regional Victoria, this was quite a significant event and quite scary for a lot of people.”

He continued:

“Please take care, keep observing the EMV alerts and warnings that have been issued and there will be more to say later in the day.”

Speaking earlier from the United States, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the earthquake was “extremely disconcerting” and distressing and that the federal government was ready to assist Victorians as needed.

Mr Morrison said Emergency Management Australia was in contact with state authorities. He has asked Emergency Management Minister Bridget McKenzie and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce to inform him of developments. He said:

“Regardless of whether it’s a flood, bushfire, earthquake or cyclone, we have some of the best disaster response agencies anywhere in the world, if not the best.”

Federal MP Michael McCormack reported feeling the quake in the New South Wales town of Temora, 370km north of the epicentre in Mansfield and 85km north of Wagga Wagga.

Keep an eye on the Emergency Victoria website for the latest information.