Matt Wright, a wildlife re-locator and chopper pilot, projects his skills as the star of National Geographic’s global series, Outback Wrangler, which is seen in over 85 countries. Most recently, he has returned to our TV screen with brand new Croc-Wrestling adventure “Wild Territory.” He is also a best-selling author and successful brand ambassador of Tourism Australia.

Who is Matt Wright?

Born in the year 1979 on the south coast of South Australia, Matt comes from a sheep-rearing family. His father worked as a wool classer, and his mother was a generational sheep farmer.

Matt Wright Parents, Family, Nationality
Matt Wright with his mother.

The 42-year-old wildlife relocator celebrates his birthday on 29 August, which makes his zodiac sign Virgo.

Matt has had a Liking for Animals Since an Early Age

Matt Wright grew up in Papua New Guinea and the Australian outback, where surviving off the earth and being comfortable around dangerous snakes, spiders, stampeding cattle, and even sharks was a way of life.

Matt Wright Age, Bio, Wiki
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Matt had a collection of some of Australia’s most hazardous animals by the time he was ten, including three deadly King Brown snakes (which he kept in his bedroom). He was always in trouble at home and at school for avidly sharing his ‘pets’ with his classmates and family.

Matt has Become a High-Flying Success Story

Matt Wright, a helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator, and award-winning tourism operator, was raised on Australia’s rough plains and has worked a variety of jobs, including horse wrangler, Australian Army soldier, and crocodile egg collector.

Matt Wright Wiki, Bio, Age
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Matt, the star of National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler, searches down, captures, and transports a wide range of dangerous creatures that pose a threat to humans, including crocodiles, wild buffalo, and even polar bears.

Matt Wright Net Worth, Age, Family

He is also a chopper pilot and can visit regions that would normally be impossible to reach. His Explore the Wild Tour Series has developed some of the most unusual tourism experiences in the world, thanks to his unique outback lifestyle and understanding of helicopters, boats, and airboats.

He has written his first book with Penguin and is currently the face of the fast-growing beer company Great Northern, thanks to the popularity of Outback Wrangler.

Matt Wright Net Worth and Salary

Matt Wright Net Worth
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Raised on the rugged plains of Australia, Matt Wright has done plenty of jobs — horse wrangler, Australian Army soldier, crocodile egg collector, helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator, and tourism operator. As a star of National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler, he gets paid a colossal sum of money every month. He also rakes in thousands of dollars from show residuals.

In addition, Matt’s new TV adventure Wild Territory will, undoubtedly, contribute to increasing his current worth. As of 2022, Matt Wright has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Married to Wife, Kaia Wright

Matt is a happily married man and a doting father. He married his now-wife Kaia Wright in November 2017. His wife is also a wild-life lover, and like her husband, she also catches crocodiles in the swamps.

Matt Wright Wedding, Partner, Wife
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Kaia does modeling and ambassadorial work in addition to running a highly successful adventure tourism company she has with her husband, “Tiwi Island Retreat.”

Matt Wright Married, Wife, Son
Matt Wright with his wife, Kaia Wright, and Son Banjo. Photo Source: Instagram

The couple shares a two-year-old son named Banjo, who was born in August 2019. Their son Banjo is also used to dangerous animals and plays around them. The family of three live on a big block of land in the Northern Territory.

Matt, Kaia, and Banjo’s wild and free lifestyle is currently being displayed in a new Channel 9 and 9Now series “Matt Wright’s Wild Territory“. The series takes viewers on a voyage through their adventures, misadventures, and unusual manner of raising their son off the grid and in the wild.

Matt Wright’s Wife is Pregnant With their Second Child

Matt and his wife, Kaia, have an exciting news to share with their fans. Their family of three will soon turn to four.

Yes, you read it right! Baby Banjo is about to become an older brother, and he can’t wait to welcome his younger sibling into the world.

Matt Wright’s wife, Kaia, is pregnant with their second child, and this time, it’s a baby girl. They are expecting their daughter in November this year.

Kaia Wright pregnant, daughter
Matt Wright’s wife, Kaia Wright, is pregnant with a baby girl. Photo credit: Instagram/kaiawright

On May 15, Kaia announced the news of her pregnancy via an Instagram post where she wrote:

“Baby No. 2 on its way! Banjo can’t wait to welcome his little sister into the world in November. Lapping up this special time at @saffirefreycinet as a family of 3 & getting ready for our next chapter.”

Matt Wright FAQs

How old is Matt Wright?

Matt Wright was born on August 29, 1979, which makes his current age 42.

Is Matt Wright married?

Matt Wright has been married to Kaia Wright, also a wild-life lover, since November 2017.

How did Matt Wright make his money?

Matt Wright made his money doing plenty of jobs – horse wrangler, Australian Army soldier, crocodile egg collector, helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator and tourism operator. He makes a colossal sum of money from his TV shows – Outback Wrangler, Save This Rhino, Explore the Wild Tour series, and Wild Territory. Furthermore, he owns a family-owned and operated business – Tiwi Island Retreat – from which he makes thousands of dollars every month.

What is Matt Wright’s net worth?

As of 2022, Matt Wright’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

Where did Matt Wright meet his wife?

Matt Wright met his wife, Kaia Wright, in Western Australia and married after a whirlwind courtship.

Does Matt Wright have a daughter?

No, Matt Wright doesn’t have a daughter. But he’ll have one very soon. His wife is pregnant with their second child, a baby girl. Their daughter will arrive in November this year.


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