History® Channel is back with its hit survival show Alone. This time Alone takes you to Labrador, Canada where polar bears hunt and the weather conditions are miserable. Season 9 of Alone premiered on May 26 with 10 new contestants who’re competing to win $500,000 as they try their best to survive in one of Earth’s harshest locations. One of those contestants is Teimojin Tan, a doctor, former army soldier, and survivalist.

Teimojin Tan Bio – Early Life, Age & Birthday

Teimojin Tan was born in the year 1990/91 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His full name is Teimojin Nicholas Tan. The 31-year-old doctor hasn’t shared his actual date of birth.

Growing up in Montreal, Teimojin Tan had a very worldly upbringing. In his youth, he travelled solo through developing countries, which instilled in him a fascination and appreciation for indigenous cultures.

Teimojin Tan Ethnicity
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During his solo adventure, Tan learned about plant-based medicines, survival, hunting tactics, and local customs. While living in Sub-Saharan Africa, he learned the traditional healing and hunting practices of the indigenous Maasai people. He learned to build shelters and trap small game from Native Cree Rangers.

In addition, Tan was exposed to the health disparities and challenges facing impoverished communities, which inspired him to work for non-profit organizations in South America, Ghana, and East Africa and to pursue higher education.

Teimojin Tan Biography
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At the age of 17, Tan joined the Canadian Army Reserve as an Infantry soldier, where he took a special interest in Arctic Warfare & Survival. Eventually, he found his way to medical school. He further specialized in Wilderness Medicine.

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Teimojin Tan Education

Teimojin Tan studied psychology and neuroscience at McGill University. He obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then completed the Family Medicine Residency program at Beaumont Troy Hospital.

Teimojin Tan Education
Teimojin obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Photo Source: Instagram

He is a fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and is a certified Wilderness First Aid (WFA) instructor.

Teimojin Tan Life Before Alone – His Profession

Teimojin Tan teaches people how to prepare for and to overcome illness and injury in austere environments. He is a family medicine doctor in Sterling Heights, Michigan and is affiliated with Beaumont Hospital-Royal Oak. He is also the founder of SURVIVAL DOCTORS™, which aims to prepare people for medical emergencies in survival situations. Besides, he works as a medical doctor with Grey Bruce Health Services, including the emergency rooms at hospitals in Wiarton, Lion’s Head, and Southampton.

Teimojin Tan Profession
Teimojin Tan is a Physician by profession. Photo Source: Instagram

He shares a unique perspective on the medical side of survival so that others can venture out in the wild confidently and safely. He dreams to teach Survival Medicine internationally while working as a physician in local underserved and indigenous populations and being involved in community development projects.

In this season of Alone, Teimojin Tan plans to live out all of his passions and is thrilled to put his knowledge, skills, and abilities to the test.

Teimojin Tan Family – Parents & Siblings

Teimojin Tan comes from a single-parent household. He grew up in Montreal in a family that travelled often for work. Other than this, nothing is known about Tan’s family and parents. It’s unknown whether he is the single child of his parents or he has siblings.

Teimojin Tan Married Life – Wife & Kids

Teimojin Tan hasn’t disclosed much about his love life and tends to keep his personal life away from the spotlight.

However, Teimojin Tan is a devoted husband and father of two kids. Yes, he is married to a beautiful lady, but his wife’s name remains unknown at the moment.

Teimojin Tan Wife
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On March 19, 2020, Tan shared a photo of two kids on his Instagram page. The two kids are probably Tan’s sons. In a recent interview, Tan said that he wants to inspire his kids to do whatever they want in their life, no matter how scary.

Teimojin Tan Kids
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Teimojin Tan Social Media Presence

Teimojin Tan’s got a large following online where he’s often referred to as the survival doctor. His Instagram feed (@survival.doctors) features short videos instructing his over 13,200 followers how to pack and clean wounds and create improvised tourniquets.

Tan is also available on Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. He also has a YouTube channel called Survival Doctors.  You can also connect to him through his Linkedin profile.


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