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How Long Is Steve Waugh’s Son, Austin Waugh Taking A Break From Cricket?

Perhaps, Austin Waugh vowed to construct his own cricket ticks on the ground instead of taking his chances on his father, Steve Waugh, an Australian captain. Indeed! Austin rose to fame with an unstoppable century in the under-17 championships final and the under-19 championships. At a very young age, he proved to be an all-rounder player- a medium pace bowler as well as a right-handed batman.

However, he is taking a break from cricket. Who knows, how long? Well, the bad news also sides with the omen that he might make a comeback next year. Let’s discover Austin Waugh’s stats, which could be an impression that he shall be taking his father’s footstep that led Australia to take the 1999 World Cup.

Is Austin still playing cricket?

He is an all-rounder player of a Sydney grade club Sutherland. Four years ago, he made an unbeatable impression in the under-17 championships final. Similarly, during the 2018 Under-19 World Cup, Austin recorded 32 runs in 2 matches. Though Australia lost India in the final, the audience still talked about his solitary wicket in the game.

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Austin Waugh 2020, stats, school, Steve Waugh son
Austin Waugh is an all-rounder player of a Sydney grade club Sutherland.| Source: The West Australian

In the first week of December, Sutherland captain, Ben Dwarshuis assured that Austin would be parting his ways with cricket for ‘some time’. Also, Dwarshuis is hopeful the young Waugh shall return to the cricket ground again, while he subsides with the extreme pressure emerging from the legendary ‘Waugh family’.

He wasn’t that interested in playing this year and wanted to spend a little bit of time away from it. He’s a great player with a lot of potentials but you never want to push someone to play.

“The game can take its toll and having Waugh as a surname just adds that little bit of extra pressure. I think he’s enjoying a bit of time away. Hopefully, he takes a year off and comes back refreshed and loving his cricket again.”

Austin Waugh, the son of Steve Waugh

When a father holds a legendary tale in history, peeps expect his son to secure the same place. As a result, an offspring always bears extreme pressure to operate a similar tradition. For example; people are dying to see Austin mark the cricket score like his father, Steve did for Australia during the 1999 world Cup.

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Steve Waugh and his son, Austin Waugh|
Steve Waugh and his son, Austin Waugh| Source: Fox Sports

Despite the fact that Austin has a knack of both batsman and bowling skills, he has been under coercion to carry on Steve Waugh’s victory. History has already witnessed Steve recording more than 10,000 runs in Tests and over 7000 in ODIs.

The Waugh family

21-years-old Austin Waugh was born on 11 November 1999 in Australia to Steve and Lynette Waugh. He is the center of attraction among the Waugh family, who holds stupendous cricket scores in history.  Steve and his elder twin brother, Mark has recorded the highest scores in both Test and ODI matches. Similarly, Austin’s other uncles Daniel and Dean are notable cricketers of New South Wales in those past days. No wonder, why he is under extreme strain to hold elite records in cricket.

Once, Steve suggested his son, Austin look up to Virat Kohli if he had plans to go along with cricket.  The former cricketer longed Austin to have a domineering element in sports, when he was a student of Trinity Grammar school, Sydney.

“If you need someone as your role model, I think he should be Virat Kohli,” he said. “[Austin] should aspire to play like him. I like aggression in players if it can be controlled. Sometimes, Virat crosses the line a little bit but I like his passion.”

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