What’s Apple Featuring in IOS 14? Everything We Know!

In 2020 Apple announced the newest software for one of their popular products, which is the iPhone. This year the company updated the software to IOS 14. Apple has always been an innovative company when it comes to techs and gadgets.

This year, the company rolled out IOS 14, which takes the usability of the phone to the next level. The new software has provided the user of the phone with features they had been asking for a long time. So, what are the available features of the new update on the iPhone?

We finally get App Library

iPhone was known to have the same home screen it had when it first launched back in the late 2000s. However, this year, the company finally took the bold step to change the home screen.

Ios 14 Features, Release Date, Compatibility
Photo Credit: macworld.co.uk

You can finally remove apps from your screen and place them in a new App Library. This will make your home screen look cleaner and much better to the mess of all the apps it was before.

Know Everything from a Glance with a Widget

Although IOS did have widgets in the past, the user had to slide left of the screen to access their widgets. With iOS 14, user can access their widgets at their home screen.

Ios 14 Features, Release Date, Compatibility
Photo Credit: Computerworld.com

Moreover, the user can access information such as weather, stock, maps, and much more at their home screen. Besides, they can also choose the size of their widgets, and the home screen can have both your widgets and your favorite apps.

Brand New Siri

Remember when you would turn on Siri, and it would take all of your screens. This year, Apple has decided to remove that, and now Siri will only take a small part of your screen at the bottom with an animation of an orb.

Ios 14 Features, Release Date, Compatibility
Photo Credit: theverge.com

All the information provided by Siri will be provided at the top of your screen. Siri can now also send voice. Moreover, Siri can directly translate 11 languages without using the internet.

More Access to Multi-Tasking

Once found only on the iPad, with the new update, you can finally have picture-in-picture on your iPhone. If you are watching a movie or face timing, you can swipe back to the home screen and continue those two activities with the help of a floating box.

Ios 14 Features, Release Date, Compatibility
Photo Credit: digitaltrends.com

You can move the box anywhere on the edges of the screen while you perform other tasks like browse the web, send text, and much more.

The Brand New App Clips

In 2020, Apple is introducing its user to a whole new class of applications called App Clips. There are micro parts of apps that allow the user to use specific apps without having to download, install, and sign in to a big app to do one simple task.

Ios 14 Features, Release Date, Compatibility
Photo Credit: cnet.com

The developers create an App Clip when they develop their app while making sure the experience is under 10MB in size. It facilitates quick download and loading.

In the scenario, if you need to use an app to pay for a parking meter or your coffee, you can use a simple little card at the bottom of your screen to make it happen without downloading and configuring the full-sized app.