With the global pandemic, it’s risky to be around a group of huge crowds or roam around the city. However, staying inside your room all day might not also be the best thing for your mental health. So, the best activity you can do right now is with nature. Talking a walk across luscious vegetation might be the best thing for you right now as you can escape the crowd while keeping yourself occupied. Take a look at some of the fantastic rainforest walking tracks in New South Wales.

1.Crystal Shower Falls Walk

Crystal Shower Falls
Photo Credit: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Location: Dorrigo National Park         Time: 1-2hrs                       Distance: 3.5km

A walk-in Crystal Shower Falls Walk might be one of the shortest waterfall walks, but it is also one of the fascinating walks as you can enjoy a view behind the waterfall itself. You will be walking on a lush green forest while the chirping birds fill the sounds you hear and the water hitting the ground.

After reaching the falls, you will have to walk a suspension bridge, which leads to a short side track, which will take you behind the waterfall alongside a rocky cavern.

2.Gloucester Tops Circuit

Gloucester Tops Circuit
Photo Credit: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Location: Barrington Tops National Park

Price: Free                           Distance: 8km loop                         Time:3-4hrs

Gloucester is a perfect track for a shorter day walk. You can enjoy the attractive diversity within the Gloucester Tops area of Barrington Tops National Park. During your walk, you will encounter swamp wallabies and grey kangaroos.

Moreover, in summer, billy buttons, bluebells, and rice flowers are an extra treat. You will also come along the Antarctic Beech Forest walking track that features cool temperature rain forests.

3.Grand Canyon Track

Grand Canyon Track
Photo Credit: mountainwhispers.com.au

Location: Blue Mountains National Park

Price: Free                           Distance: 6.3 km loop                         Time: 3-4hrs

Grand Track Canyon is a walk you must consider if you want to see the beautiful sandstone walls, waterfalls, and abundant native plants. You will walk along the well-shaded track filled with luscious native vegetation of ferns and golden wattles. You can also shorten the distance by leaving a second car at the Evans Lookout Road entrance.

While there are many semi-ledges for the challenging walk, you don’t have to be an experienced hiker with equipment.  Just put on your comfortable shoes, and you will be ready to go.

4.Mungo Walking Track

Mungo Walking Track
Photo Credit: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Location: Myall Lakes National Park

Price: Free                         Distance: 21km                              Time: 10-12hrs

The walking track of the Mungo walking track is a treat for the body, mind, and senses. It is a fascinating collection of walks that combines the Mungo Brush campground on the shores of Bombah Broadwater to Hawks Nest. The distance might be intimidating, but it is an easy walk.

Encounter the Murali River along Tambor walking track and arrive at the historic Tamboi village. In the south, come across the old sand dunes and also pass between Brambles Green campground and Dark Point Aboriginal Place, which consists of an eye arresting display of colorful wildflowers.

5.Minyon Falls Walking Track

Minyon Falls Walking Track
Photo Credit: byronbeachabodes.com.au

Location: Nightcap National Park

Price: Free                          Distance: 13km return                           Time:3-4hrs

The walking tracks of Minyon Falls will entice you with the overwhelming experience of a range of forests, pristine creeks, and a spectacular waterfall in Nightcap National Park. The track with challenge and excite all types of hikers, including bushwalking fans.

The tracks lead through dense rainforest followed by a spectacular encounter with old-growth brush box trees on the western side of Repentance Creek.

You will also come across the magnificent 100m high waterfall that can be taken in either direction. However, the best is walking from Minyon Falls lookout.

6.Brindle Creek Walking Track

Brindle Creek Walking Track
Photo Credit: i.ytimg.com

Location: Border Ranges National Park

Price: Free                         Distance: 6km one-way                       Time: 3-4hrs

Brindle Creek walking track is a treat for walkers who love waterfalls and ancient rainforest. The walk passes through the wilderness from the Brindle Creek picnic area to the Antarctic beach picnic area situated in the north-east of Border Ranges National Park.

After passing the turn off Helmholtzia loop, you will come across a timeless rainforest wonderland where you will be greeted with huge hoop pines and massive ancient Antarctic beech trees. Rest with a picnic basket besides Evans Falls, where the swimming hole below the waterfall is perfect for a relaxing dip.

7.The Falls Walk Budderoo National Park

The Falls Walk Budderoo National Park
Photo Credit: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Location: Budderoo National Park

Price: Free                         Distance: 4.2km return                          Time: 1-2hrs

The walk is perfect for all nature lovers. Budderoo National Park is known for its thick rainforest. The rainforest situated within the canyon is lush and calm and is protected from the midday sun by a high canopy along with the higher valley walls.

The walks start through the Rainforest loop and Minnamurra Rainforest Centre. Walk along the elevated walkway and paved track alongside the trickling streams, moss-covered rocks, and feathered ferns. Enjoy the breathtaking views of your surrounding with butterflies, animals, and birds. A luck fellow might see a lyrebird showing off its tail.

8.Monolith Valley

Monolith Valley
Photo Credit: hikingscenery.com

Location: Nearby Jervis Bay, Batemans Bay     Distance: 16km       Time: 2 days

Monolith Valley is situated high up in the Budawangs, a wilderness region within Morton National Park. The impressive valley that would have been similar to home in the Northern Territory if it wasn’t for its luscious rainforest.

While the distance is short, getting to Monolith Valley is difficult. Likewise, it’s easy to get lost due to the difficult navigation and hard to follow the track. As an experienced hiker, you might want to hike up and camp at ‘Cooyoyo Creek’ before setting off into the monolith valley the next morning.

9.Gibraltar/Washpool World Heritage Walk

Gibraltar/Washpool World Heritage Walk
Photo Credit: greatwalks.com.au

Location: Gibraltar Range National Park    Distance: 45km loop         Time: 3-4 days

The track is situated within the mountainous Northern Tablelands high above Clarence River Valley, linking the Gibraltar Range and Washpool National Parks. The walk passes through dramatic and ever-changing natural environments.  In addition to waterfalls and lush rainforests, get surrounded by sub-alpine swamp.

Indigenous and Colonial history fills the track with sacred sites with the remains of tin mining and grazing that has been preserved along the length of the hike. While the mining might not take place today, photographers will surely feel that they have struck gold.

10.Protesters Falls

Protesters Falls
Photo Credit: nationalparks.nsw.gov.au

Location: Nightcap National Park     Distance: 1.4km return       Time:1hr to 1hr 30 min

Situated in the rugged ranges of Nightcap National Park, the walking track leads through magnificent rainforest to a spectacular waterfall. A short walk for families and natural-lovers, it’s also a great stop on a driving tour of the beautiful NSW North Coast hinterland, near Lismore.

Walking all the track, you will notice the subtropical bungalow palms and native tamarind that give away to towering rainforest giants of yellow carabeen and stranger figs. You can also listen to the rose-crowned fruit dove and barred cuckoo-shrike.

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