Kyan Pennell died in a freak accident on January 31 while opening a farm gate. He was caught between a gate and a car trailer.

Kyan Pennell, 12, was a classical music enthusiast and an aspiring young composer. After his tragic death, members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra have been inspired to record Kyan’s composition for his funeral.

How Did Kyan Pennell Die? Cause of His Sudden Death

The 12-year-old Kyan Pennell was crushed to death while helping his father, Ian Pennell, on their property in Mary Valley, 169 kilometres north of Brisbane, at midday on Monday.

The Pennell family relocated to the Gympie region two years ago, hoping to live a quiet, country life.

Kyan Pennell died
Kyan Pennell was crushed to death while helping his father at their property. Photo credit: Facebook/Ian Pennell

Kyan, who was born in April 2009, stepped out of his father’s car and went to the steep property entry on Chinaman’s Creek Road to open the gate.

As Mr Pennell drove through the gate it partially closed, sadly Kyan became wedged between the car’s trailer and the fence. According to police, Mr Pennell heard a ‘boom’ and a ‘yell,’ which prompted him, Kyan’s younger sister, his mother, and a neighbour to rush to help.

Despite the efforts of paramedics, Kyan passed away because of his terrible injuries.

Kyan Pennell’s Father Shared a Heartbreaking Tribute To His Deceased Son

On Tuesday, Feb. 8, Kyan Pennell’s father, Ian, shared a heartbreaking tribute to his lost son via Facebook. On the post, Mr Penell wrote:

“As many may already know Amanda, Lauryn and I lost our beautiful, creative, quirky, smart, talented, funny, animal-loving son/brother Kyan yesterday in a freak accident. Just wanted to thank everyone for their heartfelt messages of love and support.”

Kyan Pennell birthdate
Kyan Pennell, born in April 2009, was the only son of Ian and Amanda. Photo credit: Facebook/Ian Pennell

Kyan’s father continued:

“Also special thanks to the amazing flight doctors, paramedics, police personal and our neighbours who fought for over an hour in an attempt to save him. His injuries were simply too great. I know many will have questions and in time I will answer any personal messages. We will notify funeral arrangements when we have it organised.’

Several friends and family members left messages of support for the family in the comment section of the post.

One Person wrote:

‘My heart breaks for you all. Such an amazing soul Kyan was. And u both such amazing parents. Prayers go out to u (sic) all.’

Kerri Groves, Kyan’s grade five teacher at Gympie Central School in 2020, also wrote a heartfelt message. She said:

‘It is a beautiful family. They are just lovely people and devoted parents. They moved from Sydney to the country for Kyan. He was such a sweetie.”

Our prayers are with the Pennell family. May Kyan’s soul Rest In Peace.

Queensland Symphony Orchestra will Record Kyan’s First Composition For His Funeral

Dozens of Queensland’s most prominent classical musicians are collaborating to record Kyan Pennell’s first and last composition for his funeral on Sunday.

Kyan taught himself to play classical music, and he had already learned over 30 pieces, including Beethoven’s Fur Elise and Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu, primarily through YouTube tutorials.

A week before Kyan’s death, his mother had shared a video of him playing the piano and a photo of his half-completed piece on social media.

Kyan’s mother, who discovered his composition only after her son’s tragic death, told ABC Radio Brisbane:

“The thing that has given us some little part of Kyan to hold onto is when I found this composition he was working on in the middle of a blank exercise book. I didn’t realise that he knew how to write music.”

Kyan Pennell's music composition
Kyan Pennell’s incompleted musical composition. (Photo credit: Amanda Brierley)

Musicians and performers from all over the world have recorded their versions of Kyan’s song.

On Friday, about 16 QSO musicians will gather to record the piece, with audio and video volunteers hoping to get it finished and ready for Kyan’s funeral on Sunday.

QSO associate principal cellist Hyung Suk Bae stated that he and the QSO cello arranger had been working on Kyan’s unfinished piece as meticulously as possible. He said:

“We really want to bring Kyan’s personality into it, so we’re not going to change too much but maybe add some melodies here and there from watching his video, seeing his personality. We can only guess, because we’ve never met Kyan … how he would have been if he were to play this music.”

Details on Kyan Pennell’s Funeral; Support for the Pennell Family

Following Kyan’s death, a family friend created a GoFundMe page to “assist the Pennell family out during this tough time.”

To date, $25,980 has been raised to help support funeral and mourning expenses, far exceeding the $10,000 goal.

Mr Pennell shared on Facebook that Kyan’s funeral will be held at Whitelady Tewantin at 11 am Sunday, Feb 13. On the post, he requested people to allow close family and friends priority to attend the funeral due to Covid restrictions.

Kyan’s funeral will be a live stream for people who wishes to see it. Here is a link where you can watch his burial ceremony.

Kyan Pennell’s Parents and Siblings

Kyan was born to parents – Ian Pennell and Amanda Brierley. He was the only son of his parents. Unfortunately, Kyan’s parents and family members never got to hear his composition.

Kyan Pennell's parents and sister
Kyan Pennell with his parents, Ian and Amanda, and his younger sister, Lauryn. Photo credit: Facebook/Ian Pennell

Besides his parents, Kyan is also survived by his younger sister, Lauryn. His mother, Amanda, describes her son as being “full of life, with a beautiful mind”.


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