A few days ago, the fitness model, Lauren Simpson, shared tips on getting sexy toned legs that you wouldn’t stop yourselves flaunting it on social media after a few weeks/months.

Simpson appeared irresistible in a light gray cropped sweatshirt with long sleeves and a hood. Consequently, the cropped sweatshirt gave a few glimpses of her toned belly. She matched a green camouflaged short on the bottom, outlining the curves of her booty, upper thighs, and rest of the toned legs on display.

She tucked up her hair into a ponytail; even slicked back some traces of hair on the back to avoid loose strands during the workout. In the living room, Lauren prepared the requirements of the leg exercises- a black mat, two wooden dumbbells, a resistance band, and a chair. When she lay down on the mat, counted the sessions of a leg workout, and regulated breathing practices, Lauren’s cat made a brief cameo in between the video clips. Altogether, she took Instagram to share nine workout tips on building toned legs.

Workout for Toned Leg Muscles

Lauren Simpson Shares Nine Tips For Toned Legs
Lauren Simpson Shares Nine Tips For Toned Legs

In the beginning, she leaned back against the chair while seated on the floor with bent knees. She held dumbbells on the pelvic bone and started thrusting her hips upwards such that she formed a straight line from knees to shoulder. Next, she removed the dumbbells and raised one foot off the ground as she pushed her hips up and back down. Then, she performed squat, while one of her legs was extended on the chair. The elevated heel lateral squat is a perfect touch-up for strengthening a lower back.


In the fourth one, Lauren performed a B-stance RDL session while lifting the pair of the dumbbells. The fifth one had her in the squat position where she held dumbbells in each session. Then, she performed the goblet squat with elevated heels like a modernized version of Butt Bridge. Lauren followed up the Glute Bridge with abduction in the next video clip. Then she ended the leg muscle exercise with donkey kick and fire hydrant. In the last five workouts, she used a resistance band to keep her legs apart from the size of the shoulder.

Below the video, she didn’t miss out details on the type of workout and reps for each one. At the end of the video, the sweat didn’t interrupt the beauty of her face, enhanced by eyeliner, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss.

Her Journey Is Different

She lived an active lifestyle-playing foot volley and football throughout the youth. Lauren was initially underweight. She underwent intensive cardio workouts in an attempt to gain muscle. In turn, she didn’t acquire body mass because of the wrong combination of exercise and diet.

“My journey is different from classic weight loss stories. I am not someone who was overweight. I experienced the opposite extreme. I was slim, exhausted and obsessed with my look. At the end, my health paid for it. My transformation was from slim unhealthy girl to strong and confident woman full of life.”

She encourages folks to have time, patience, and determination while getting into shape. Lauren has witnessed many people leaving their fitness regimen after two weeks of training and a healthy diet. She goes with the old saying ‘changes don’t occur overnight.’


The fitness model regulated her BMI after eighteen months of fitness ticks. Even she transformed herself into a sculpted figure with hard-rock abs, toned leg muscles, and attractive buttocks. She came to adore the fitness industry in such intensity that she won first place to competition stage INBA Sydney Super Bodies and INBA Southern Cross Championships.

Diet Priorities

Diet Priorities- Tips from Lauren Simpson
Diet Priorities

Every workout needs an ideal diet. She intakes proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates as well.

“My diet consists of a balance of proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. Eating clean, healthy foods is a way I can keep and it is the reason why I am able to stay in relatively good shape throughout the year. I count macro nutrients and calories to have reached my daily income.”

 I use nutritional supplements every day; the most common are fat burners, BCAA, Glutamine a Protein.

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