Anyone would have a befitting response when the opponent player dubs them ‘lazy’ and ‘unfit’ for the game.

Luckily, Adelaide ruckman Reilly O’Brien didn’t end up in a riot with the West Eagles, Nic Naitanui, because of the social media ruckus. Instead, Nic Naitanui struck his big score against Adelaide in a 33-point AFL win in Brisbane. At the same time, Naitanui gifted O’Brien a brand new phone in response to his accidental tweet, which defied West Coast ruck as lazy and unfit.

Most of the peeps expected Naitanui would smack back at Reilly O’Brien’s game note tweet, which was deleted afterward. But, West Coast ruck knew to win over an incidental tweet on match notes of O’Brien, who put the blame into a broken phone.

After the final siren, Naitanui ends the controversial hub by gifting a brand new phone to O’Brien.

“Everyone expected me to have a go at the big fella. They sent me up a phone from Sydney, so I gave the big fella a brand new one,”

Naitanui boasted that he handed over a qualitative phone that made Adelaide ruck, O’Brien felt ‘over the moon.’

“It’s a better phone than I’ve got. He’s a good fella, he was over the moon.

“I knew it came from a motivational side, not from any malice, so it was good fun … but if someone talks smack at you, you want to take it out on them.”

Reilly O’Brien’s accidental tweet on Naitanui
Source: Twitter

A few days back, O’Brien held his broken phone responsible for an accidental tweet where he called his opponent, Naitanui, lazy and unfit. He was really quick to delete the tweet and apologize for releasing the match notes that he frequently takes to build up his confidence for the upcoming matches.

“I’ve had an absolute mare on social media today,” I tweeted some of my game notes on my iPhone. I take these notes every week to give myself a bit of confidence, and try to pump myself up going into the game.”

“I make a few things up, as you can see on the notes.”

He didn’t miss his chance to put on some good words to Naitanui too. O’Brien dubbed Naitanui, “the best ruck in the competition at the moment.” So, the Adelaide star built pressure on himself so that he could garner some confidence against Naitanui in the competition.

“I’ve got to walk the walk now and get a kick against the superstar that is NicNat, so we’ll see how I go.”

Adelaide Crows haven’t been able to break the curse of losing streak to date. Before the AFL 2020, O’Brien was optimistic about bringing the change via “a new coach, a new footy department,” and “new players.” Crows players also broke the sweat in intensive training and extra practices under the warm weather of pre-season camp. However, they quite carved back to their families after three weeks of “of extra training, bond with each other.”

O’Brien summed up his pre-season camp story:

“It was a good three weeks but obviously everyone was itching to get home and get back to the family.”


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