Anna Bey is an internationally recognized thought leader and educator in Feminine Empowerment. Her desire to promote life-scaling skills for women and her enthusiasm for graceful personal growth inspired her to establish her online elite finishing school, ‘School of Affluence.’

Anna Bey is also the creator of the flagship course “Secrets of the Elite Woman.” Continue reading to know more about her.

Where is Anna Bey From? Her Nationality, Age & Family

Anna Bey, a Swedish by nationality, was born in the year 1986 in Stockholm, Sweden. The 36-year-old personal development educator celebrates her birthday on March 29, which makes her zodiac sign Aries.

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Anna is the only child of her Estonian-Russian mother and Finnish father. She grew up in a strict household and struggled with socializing in her early years.

What’s Anna Bey’s Real Name?

Anna has used many names till now such as Aija Raty, Aija Darling, Aija Beyer, Aija Bey, and Aija Hallit. According to reports, her current legal name is Aija Hallit, and her earliest name is Aija Raty.

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We don’t know if Aija Raty is her real name, but she has been using it since high school. Her biological father may have given her this name because it is a common Finnish name.

Who is Anna Bey’s Husband?

The elegant YouTuber is married to a man named Joseph Hallit. She met Joseph in 2012-13, shortly after she came to London, but Anna claims they didn’t meet until 2016, which is apparently false.

Their “relationship” appears to be for the sake of convenience. Those who knew Anna at the time said she met him on an escort date and that their meeting was part of a scheme for Joseph to invest in an escort agency Anna planned to launch.

Anna Bey Married, Husband, Children
Anna Bey with her husband, Joseph Hallit. Photo Source: Instagram/ annabey

Anna was prepared to create a matchmaking service named “byBeyer,” which was most likely intended to be a cover for said agency, according to online evidence. Joseph relocated to Geneva a few years later, and she followed him in 2019.

Anna and Joseph supposedly married in January 2021, however, it’s possible they had a PACS civil agreement instead of a legal marriage. The educator did several Insta lives on the subject of her wedding and even released a video about it.

However, Anna has been pictured without her wedding ring on multiple occasions, notably when she visited Annabel’s in London.

What’s Anna Bey’s Net Worth?

As a thought leader and educator in Feminine Empowerment, Anna Bey has accumulated a hefty amount of fortune. She rakes in hundreds of thousands of dollars from her online courses – The 7-Step Formula to High Society, Secrets of the Elite Woman, and School of Affluence.

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Anna has also earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from her YouTube channel, where she uploads her modern elegance and aspirational lifestyle videos. As of 2022, she has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand.


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