Ginger Beer is a popular drink among non-alcoholic drinkers. It is an absolute delight to people who already love cocktails. If you have been drinking this beverage for a while, you may wonder which might be healthy ginger beer brands or the best ginger beer.

Surely your top picks must be drinks like Spindrift, Bundaberg, Parker’s, and Fentimans. These are the best ginger beer in Australia.

Although thousands of people have enjoyed this drink, many might not know the history of the drink or the benefit it provides to the drinker. Regardless, let’s learn more on the fantastic drink and how it came about to be the drink we know and love today.

Where Does Ginger Beer Come From and What Are Its Benefits?

Ginger beer, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is a drink with a spicy tango of ginger. The drink is made with a mix of ginger, water, and sugar, which is later fermented with yeast and, lastly, carbonating the mixture. The process for this drink started in the 15th century when the ginger plantation came to the Caribbean from parts of Africa. The drink was quickly introduced to the world when the English got their hands on the vital ingredient.

Ginger Beer Benefits, Recipe, Brands, Origin

Today, ginger beer is produced by tons of companies. There are different types of ginger beers, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Some can give a sharp kick on your throat, while others might be sweet and subtle to the throat. Regardless, the key ingredient of the beer is always the ginger, one of the well-known spices to man.

There are many benefits to drinking ginger beer. It might be one of the healthiest drinks when it comes to refreshing beverages.

It relieves nausea while improving digestion.

You might be wondering if ginger beer is good for your stomach? Ginger beer is one of the most effective remedies for nausea and morning sickness. Moreover, the drink also improves the drinker’s digestion and helps the smooth flow of food through the stomach. The main ingredients that help fight nausea and stomach discomfort are gingerol and shogaol. These substances also help activate your body’s saliva ad bile discomforts.

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Ginger Beer Lowers the Risk Of Cancer

Although it is believed that ginger beer reduces cancer risks, it is yet conclusive and requires further studies. Many believe that the beer’s active compounds exhibit anti-cancer properties. According to research in 2013, the study showed that ginger killed off colorectal cancer in humans while preventing cancer from growing back. Another study in 2016 also showed that ginger prevented the development of human cancer cells.

Ginger Beer Has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Another benefit of the marvelous drink is that ginger beer helps fight against inflammation. Inflammation usually occurs when the while body cells are set into motion to fight or protect our body against the foreign substance. It released blood flow to the affected area, which results in inflammation.

However, ginger contains compounds that effectively suppress the inflammation and also aid in pain relief. Moreover, the drink also works as medication for arthritis and rheumatism.

Ginger Beer Can Also Fight Bacteria

Ginger is also anti-bacterial, and it serves as the primary ingredient for traditional medicines around the world. According to a study regarding its anti-bacterial property, researchers compared ginger extract and antibiotics extract to see which was better at suppressing microbial activity, and findings revealed ginger’s extract to more superior.

The drink is also effective against various fungi. The main compound responsible for the property is gingerol. You should make this drink as a part of your health regime.

Helps is Slow Aging

What if we can make the aging process slower? However, ginger can help your aging, at least from the outside. The drink helps delay the process of aging and the signs on the skin. A glass of ginger brings calmness and provides you with energy to keep up with your everyday schedule.

Likewise, it also promotes good health, and an essential ingredient for the property is ginger root. This drink also significantly increases brain levels of essential neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. So, a ginger beer a day, makes you younger every day.

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